Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Alec's first suit

We'll take 8 of these.

His lecture from the salesman on how to take care of his shoes on his mission.

2 suits, 4 slacks, 8 shirts, 6 ties, 12 pair of socks, 1 belt, and 2 pair of shoes. And we are still not done.

As soon as Alec's mission call came and we found out that he would be leaving right after the holidays, I began to paniced. So much preparation needed to be done! I decided we needed to get right on something, so we started with the clothing. I flew to Boise, picked up Grandma and we headed to Rexburg. We shopped at Ferrell's Clothing in Idaho Falls where they specialize in missionary attire. They were so experienced and professional that it made is so easy and fun. Preparing a missionary is not cheap!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Mission Call

After much waiting and anticipation, Alec finally got his mission call in the mail.  Both Devin and Tristan had received their call a couple of weeks earlier, despite the fact that Alec turned in his papers a couple of weeks before either one of them had. Alec and I were getting a little nervous, however Steve was not. He knew Alec would be called as soon as they knew where he should serve. Alec wanted to wait until 7:30 that night so that his Family Home Evening group, at BYU Idaho, could be present to watch him open it (this was tradition). Amy and I face timed from Stanford Hospital where Amy was getting her infusion, while Steve and Rachel were face timed from home. Alec commented that it "burned" in his hands as he opened it.  He showed self control by starting at the beginning of the letter instead of jumping down to the line where it announced his mission, which was...Honduras Comayaquella Mission. He was beaming, as you can see from this picture. I was shocked, Steve was elated, and Alec completed blown away. He is suppose to report January 7th to Mexico City MTC.