Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 20 Las Villas and the TEMPLE

This week was crazy and well OK. I moved to Las Villas on Thursday right after the Temple. That's right I went to the temple! It was awesome. I have a bunch of pictures below of how incredible the Tegucigalpa Temple is. We also did an Investidura, which is an endownment in the temple. The spirit was strong. The celestial room was fantastic and I could feel an outstanding feeling in the celestial room and I know and found out that this is what I want to feel everyday during my mission. And I have been trying to do whatever I can to feel the spirit like that everyday.  It was a little hard to pass the veil because it was in Spanish, but I got through it. Hahahaha.

Las Villas is a little sketchy for Gringos, which I'm not quite sure why but that's what they tell me. But, I am in the same district and same zone. So, that is kind of cool. But, the people here are just amazing and just yesterday we were able to make 3 fechas (baptism dates). One with a family and one with an hermana. I am doing alright here. I know that these next couple weeks with Elder Torres will help me a lot with not only Spanish, but to be an awesome missionary!

I am doing alright, but just a reminder please keep me in your prayers and always, always, always, write me. Because it makes not only my day but the whole week! Love you all! Hope you like the photos of the temple.


Elder Jensen

Our district in front of the Tegucigalpa Temple

(mom note: I'm guessing this is Elder Torres)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 19 Struggles

This week went horrible. I got a new companion on Tuesday, his name is Elder Luna, and he is very nice. He speaks a little English, which is good.  However, I am struggling with my area. I have been here for 13 weeks. The members are fine, but I’ve been struggling with how they treat me sometimes.  They like to tease me, but as of lately it is really bringing me down I talked to Presidente and he agreed that maybe I need a change. When I was with Elder Rodas, sometimes I would literally come home crying because of how the investigators and the members treated me. I am really struggling right now with this, and also with my feet. I have yet another ingrown toenail and its getting really hard. I will have another procedure on a different toe today.

I will really miss Elder Rodas. He was a good leader and such a good missionary. He was a hero to me.  

This transfer I met Elder Thorn. I have a picture of him below. He looks like an awesome elder and I hope that during my mission I get to be with him. (mom note: Elder Thorn is a missionary that went to Alec's mission about 6 months before. We found his blog after searching  Comayaguela Hondruas blogs. Steve, Alec and I followed it to get an idea of what it was like in Honduras. His blog was funny, insightful, and spiritual. Steve was touched after one of his blog postings that he felt impressed to write Elder Thorn to encourage him during a difficult time. Elder Thorn wrote him back and thanked him for writing to him. A few weeks later Steve received an email form Elder Thorns dad thanking him also. Needless to say...Alec enjoyed finally meeting the famous "Elder Thorn".)

We had another Mormon helping Hands activity. We helped cleaned pilas for people for service. But, not much else.

We go to the Temple next week and I am looking forward to my transfer.

I am really struggling right now and I need all the support I can get. Please put me in you prayers.

Sacrificio esta temporal, pero gloria es eterno!

Elder Jensen

6th ingrown toenail procedure. My toes will never look the same.

Elder Thorn
Elder Luna
Last night with Elder Rodas

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Week 18 Best Week Ever!!

I can not even describe this week. I was so ¨baggy¨ which means I was really missing home and missed my family a lot. It is an expression in the mission field. I was able to talk with my family, but I forgot to say to my Mom. FELIZ DIA DE LOS MADRES to her. So, I want to say FELIZ DIA DE LOS MADRES to my mom. I miss her a lot, but I know a mission will change my life for the better and the people of Honduras. I am so happy to be serving a mission and sharing my testimony with the everyone here. I have learned so much already and I know will continue to learn.

Yefri attended church this week and he gave a wonderful testimony about the Book of Mormon in priesthood. I am so proud of him!

Tomorrow is Cambios (transfers). I stay and Elder Rodas goes. He has been a great first companion and he has helped me so much.  I am little nervous for my new companion because I don't know what to expect. But, I will pray for the best.

Oh, I have problem, remember when I get my toe taken out. I had another this week pulled out. And now I have 3 more. I guess I cut my nails really bad and know I am paying the price for it.  They hurt so much to walk. Hopefully we can take them out this week.

Not much more time to write, but I will write more next week. There will be lots to to report on with my new companion, first temple trip, and hopefully a baptism. I am so grateful I was able to talk to my family and I can not wait to talk to them in 7 months. Keep putting me in your prayers and keep on writing me!

Sacrifice is temporary, but glory is eternal.


Elder Jensen

Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 17  ONE WEEK LEFT!!!

This week I have been kind of antsy because I know that in less than one week from today, I get to talk to family!!! Also,  next Tuesday is cambios (transfers) and I get a new companion and maybe even a different area. So, I am kind of antsy about that too.  Next Wednesday, I get to go to the Tegucigalpa Temple! So, these next two weeks are going to be really awesome! 

Just this past Saturday, we had a little Mormon Helping Hands, I guess you could say. It was awesome. We helped jovenes to invitar personas a asistir la Iglesia en Zambrano (youth to invite people to assist at the church in Zambrano). It was really cool. It was really cool to see members of the iglesia (church) go out and contact like we do everyday. So, I had a good time.

I took a picture of a member who makes up to 5,000 tortillas everyday! That is so crazy! This is what she does for a living.

Oh, and by the way I have another ingrown toe nail. on the same foot, but the middle toe. So, yeah I am getting it taken out either today or tomorrow. 

Below I have some pictures of the Mormon Helping Hands activity; I took some pictures of the Iglesia (church) because last week it got robbed. The robbers came in from the roof and went through rooms trying to find money. But, there is no money in the capilla (chapel)! But, they did destroy windows and stuff. So, that sucked.  Oh, and it rained really hard this week, because in Mayo (may) is when it rains…the whole month. So, yup!

Thanks everyone for you support, including my family. I am so ready to see them this Sunday! I get to talk to them for up to 2 hrs! So, I am so happy. Keep writing me and keep on praying for me.

I want to end with a quote I like in Spanish.

¨Sacrificio esta Temporal, pero Gloria es Eterno¨ (Sacrifice is only tempory, glory is eternal)

Love, Elder Jensen

The lady that makes 5,000 tortillas a day