Sunday, January 31, 2016

Week 51 Being Sick and Benefits

Well, this past week did not go the way I thought it would go. On a positive note, Tuesday, I received my new companion this week. His name is Elder Espinoza. He is from Utah, "la fabrica de los mormones". That is what he says. It has been quite a ride these past couple days with him. He is super funny, hilarious actually. He loves to talk, so much so he talks half the day. The day after changes, everything changed for me. I got Chikingunya (a horrible flu virus that is transmitted by mesquitos), again. It sucked so much. I had to be in bed for 3 days, running a high temperature and full body aches. We could not got work or anything. I really felt bad for my companion. I wanted to work really bad, but my doctor said I needed to rest until the end of the week. So, we pretty much chilled in the house.

On Wednesday, I got to finally see my trainer, after 8 months have passed. We talked a lot about how he is doing  and where he is at. It was good to catch up on since the last time I saw him.

I am really getting to know this area, no one continues to want to hear our message. Remember that my area is in the richest part of Honduras. We tried to contact some people yesterday, and no one is interested. It is such a shame. Everyone believes that all they need is there money and that is it. It is so sad to know and see what people are missing in their life and they don't want nothing to do with it. So, we are trying and doing all we can to find and teach people. It will be difficult, but I know we can do it. It is all about the faith. Eduardo is doing all right, we are helping him all we can. He is slowly cutting the cigars down. So, that is good.

I love my mission. I am changing every single day. I can see it. My companion can see it. My president can see it. And I KNOW He can see it. Love and miss you all. Hope everyone is doing all right. Hope you like the photos. Talk to you next week!

Les quiero,

Elder Jensen

Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 50 Almost 1 Year

Another week come and feels like my mission is going by too fast and I wish it would slow down. I love my mission and have received so many blessings because of it, I just wish it was not passing by as fast. The pain of post surgery still continues and well I had to talk a doctor today to find out why. He says he feels like my body is still just in recovery. So, the complete recovery is just taking longer than I expected. So, I have pain killers I need to take this week and I will need to take it a little slower these next six weeks. But, I am still glad I am still here and that I doing what the Lord wants. It is difficult sometimes, but I know if I do all I can, the lord will know and help me with the rest.

This last week with my companion has been amazing. We started out small, but I am glad we were able to build it up today. He is amazing Elder and I can promise you he will do wonderful things here in the mission. I just found out a couple of minutes ago that he will be training. I am so excited for him and know he will do great things. For me, looks like I am staying here. Do not for sure, but will find out later. But, it looks like Elder Corey will be new zone leader! So, I am really pumped to see him again this week! 

As for Eduardo and David. They keep on drinking and smoking. But, this week we saw a big difference in Eduardo. He came to church with us and as soon as he walked into the church, he felt something so strong. He had to stop before he walk any further. According to what he said. I was able to show him the "A Change of Heart" Mormon Message to him and explain to him if the man in the video can do it, so could to. He is changing everyday  He just needs to keep trying and have faith.

I want to explain to you, before I end, how much this work means to me. It is amazing being a missionary of Jesus Christ. Sometimes we look at life, and just see how hard it is and the problems we have. But, Jesus Christ wants us to embrace his gospel and to see the little things in life, that make a big impact. My mission is not easy and its really hard sometimes. But, even though it is hard at times, it will never compare to what Christ went through. He literally died for us. And the only way we can find true happiness in this life is by coming unto him and following God's plan. I know that Jesus Christ lives. And he loves me. Just like all of you. He wants us to be like him and as we come unto him, we will experience more joy more than we can imagine. Love you all and all your prayers and letters help me everyday to become a better missionary and soon to be a better person. Sacrifice is only temporary, but glory is eternal. Thanks for everything and hope you all the best. Tell you more about my week and my new companion next week. Adiojummmm!

Con mucho cariño,

Elder Jensen

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 49 Something New

I really enjoyed this past week. I was able to spiritually strengthen both myself and my companion relationship! Elder Hernandez and I struggled this week a little , but we found ways to serve each other and we are really doing good! We are doing what the Lord wants us to do and we are receiving more blessings than I could ever imagine! We were able to get one of our investigators to church this Sunday, and because we have only been here for a couple weeks and this is a new area, we find that to be a blessing!

Guess what!?!?! I found a Panera Bread down here in Honduras...hahaha. Not Really but something like it. Picture below. (mom note: this was for me...I love Panera, not so much Alec. We'll he does like the bread part. Not so much the soup or salads)

Oh! My companion and I cut each others hair this week. Really good bonding moment for the both of us.

David and Eduardo are doing really good. They both have excepted the invitation to get baptized and we are preparing them for their fechas. They both are still having problems with smoking and drinking and we have been working real hard with them, its just . They have a growing testimony and have all taken all lessons, they just need to focus, have faith and a desire to quit. We have ran out of  ideas. Do you guys have any? It would really help us.

Zone meeting was this week and we learned a ton. We learned that we should try something new and do something different that may help others recognize the spirit and come unto to Christ. So, I have been praying and trying to put all my ideas into action and most of them have been working. The blessing of this is, I am really seeing a change in me, and I love it.

Love you guys so much and hope that everyone down there is doing ok. Talk to you next week!

Con mucho Cariño,

Elder Jensen

Week 48 A New Year and New Beginnings

I cannot believe that it is now 2016!  This week went by too fast, but was so much fun! From a scorpion in our house to photos at the temple, it was too crazy! We went all out this year and we had a fun time, me and my companion, on the night of New Years Eve!  The firework show was spectacular!  Lights of color all over the city. We could see it all.

We found out that David is slowly progressing. He has cut down in smoking this week, but has not quit completely.  He went from 10 cigarettes this week, to 7. So, he is slowly using the Atonement of Jesus Christ in his life.  But slowly is better than doing nothing, and I am really proud of him. He is a wonderful child of god and has a lot of potential. We know he can do it. My companion and I pray for him all the time. We also found an old investigator this week named Eduardo and he has the a problem with the word of wisdom too, but with alcohol. But, he has the beginning of a small testimony of this gospel so we are trying to help him use that to help him changed completely. We see Eduardo tonight, wish us luck. Although he has been doing fine. 

As a district this week we were able to take photos in front of the temple, got some in front of temple with my companion. Hope you like it. I like the one at night more than the one during the day, because the temple is so beautiful at night all lite up. 

We found a scorpion in our house this week! YUCKKK! Elder Hernandez and I  were playing backgammon on night, when there it was crawling against the floor. It was as big as my middle finger. 

I loved this week and starting a new year, means new goals and new beginnings. We can start new and set new goals and strive to do better than what we did the year before. That is what our Heavenly Father wants us to do, always try to do better. He wants us to improve day by day. I am really glad I got to spend New Years and Christmas here in Honduras. I loved it. Now with 11 months...I almost have a year woohoo! Love you all and keep me in your prayers. Talk to you later!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Jensen