Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 73 Finding Faith

Birthday cake (family's birthday box not delivered yet)
This week went by too quick. I have learned a lot during this past week working and teaching. From the investigators we found last week, we were able to help a bunch of people start to learn more about Jesus and what is faith. I learned a couple things myself from teaching them. The things you can learn from the coolest people, I love the people down here. Family Lopez Sanchez is progressing the only thing is that the husband, to be blunt, is a bit of a jerk. The wife always says the sweetest things about her husband and is very humble. But he, is so crazy. He always complains about how his wife is crazy and does nothing. He makes an excuse every time we check to see if they are reading or praying. He thinks he is pretty perfect. He is so prideful and it makes me just want to yell at him, but I know I can't. But, we are working and doing all we can to help him to understand how Christ can help him. We have also been teaching some other people as well.

We have a woman and a teenager who just recently lost their husband/dad. They have had the coolest dreams/visions ever. She said she had a dream where they saw him in heaven and she described heaven. Every one was in white and looked perfect like Christ, no sickness or problems. Pretty dope experience. It was kind of weird when she said she had some kind of exorcism. But, we were able to bless her home as well as give her a blessing to help her to feel good in her home again. She says now she wants to be taught the lessons, as well as her daughter, so that she can have the hope to live with her husband one day again. So dope experience.

We have a bunch of other people we are visiting as well. What is funny is most of the people we are teaching are women. Most of the men here are bums. They either drink, smoke, or fornicate. And they are not really receptive or really wanting to try like the women do. But, slowly but surely we are finding people more positive and more willing to change their lives. 

I am really having fun here and I am so excited about this next week. I am really discovering the blessings of being a missionary. I am so grateful to serve. And I know if I pump it up this next week, we can do some great things and bless the people here. Love you guys so much and just to let you know I only have 7 months left!!!!!

Les quero,

Elder Jensen

Birthday morning TPing
Elder Small taking bath in our tub.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 72 Birthday Boy...MAN!!!

Another week has come and gone. I cannot believe how fast the weeks are going by. Soon I will be on my last couple weeks. It is so weird. But, I can tell you this past week was just amazing. We did have the best dats (not sure what this means, must be a slang honduran word), but awesome results. We had 5 people and 2 families in church. At first all of them said they could not make it because one of there friends died of cancer the day before. So, we decided to teach them about the plan of happiness, plan of salvation, and all of them including 2 families committed to go. They both loved it. Dope!!! And this week we are going to have so many lessons with them and there friends too. So, I am stoked what the spirit can do and only 2 missionaries! I am so lovin this area and I totally proud to represent the Lord as on of his missionary who is trying with all his might to bring his children back to him. 

Well, I cannot believe I am turning 20 this Thursday! Another decade has past by and I have no idea where I will be in the next 10! All I know is I won't be a teenager anymore...I will be a man! BOO - YAH!!! Thanks for the video you guys sent of me this week...appreciate it. I promise to send you a bunch of photos of this Thursday of me turning 20 years old!

I bought myself a birthday gift.

Hope you guys like the photos this week...I worked really hard to take as many photos this week with being careful not to expose my camera, its a little risky because people like to steal things. But, I can tell you I had so much fun this week and all thought it was hard and  can be tough, that is where all the blessing comes from. I am glad to be a missionary here in Honduras and I am glad I am serving the Lord and my God to fulfill his hope for all of us to return to him. Thanks for everything guys...te amamos muchisimo!

Les quiero,

Elder Jensen

Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 71 Finding Families

Member that moved to Houston (made really good food)
I had a excellent week this week! We worked our butts off this week and I am so proud of Elder Small and myself for working so hard! We were able to pull out 40 new investigators and 7 NEW FAMILIES! Holy mother fudge that is a lot!!! I cannot wait for this upcoming week to work and to hopefully baptize my first family! How cool would that be! It's all those blessings for being 100% obedient and working very diligently. We are showing the Lord how much we love him and how much we love His gospel. And by doing those things, with faith, he gives us results and blessings. It aint easy, but it is definitely possible. I am grateful I have this opportunity for this opportunity. I only have 6+ months left until I am finish my mission. So, as I work with these families, I know I will receive blessings that I can one day tell my kids, just like my Dad tells me of his mission.

We found a family this past week that is so dope! Now they are not married yet, but they have been sharing with us some really cool experiences from their reading of the Book of Mormon. Dreams and experiencing they are having with the Holy Ghost in there heart. They could not go to church this past week....but they said they would go this next week. If all goes well with work this week...we could get 12 people and 4 families in church! How sick could that be. So, please pray for Family Lopez Sanchez to come! Also pray for the other people to come as well! 

I am so happy to be a missionary of Jesus Christ. He is showing me my capacity and potential to really teach and change lives of the people in Honduras. I know as I show him by putting my whole heart into this work, he will bless me and the people I teach. Anything is possible. I have heard the last 6 months are best months of your mission. So, I know that as I work hard these next several months I will have so much fun! Love you guys so much...hope you can pray for me and for my investigators this week so I can baptize my first family this change!

Les quiero,

Elder Jensen

It rained a butt load this week
Selfie with the church

Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 70 Small things become BIG

Well, another has come and gone. I received my new companion this week. He is pretty dope. His name is Elder Small. He was born in Utah, but most of his life he grew up in South Korea and Japan. His dad is a teacher in the military there and so that is why he lived there so long with his family. (I bet my sister is going to love this, he talks to me in Japanese sometimes.) I have enjoyed myself here more in Laureles. Seems to me I am going to be here awhile. I love it here...we find new investigators everyday and I am so excited for this week to make new contacts and hopefully put as many fechas (dates) as we can to teach and to baptize the people of Honduras.

Today we have 3 appointments with some investigators that we are hoping to set a fechas with. Specifically, we have been trying to set a date with a boy named German for the  past month. He wants to get baptized and loves the church, but his mom does not want to give him permission because she thinks he is not ready. But, we are going to talk with her today and see how things go. Also this week we have pretty much a FHE set up for everyday. FHE appointments are a great way to get references from the members and the investigators. 

I am loving it here in Honduras. I know I have only a little time left, but I do not care. I am just going to worry about today and keep on doing what Elder Jensen knows best. I know my savior lives and I know that through him we can be saved and be CHANGED by his GRACE! Love you guys so to you next week!

Elder Jensen

P.S. Watch the video #Halleluyah byt he dope!