Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 47 The First Christmas

I had a wonderful Christmas here in Roble Oeste. I was able to celebrate here in Honduras for my first Christmas away from home! I was truly blessed to get back to Honduras to be here during the Christmas time. It felt a little weird not being home for Christmas, but mostly I enjoyed it. Its really the people you are with that make it special.

During the week I did feel some pain, since I am still recovering a little, so we tried our best to get out as much as possible. I believe it is a blessing that I am serving with Elder Hernandez, because he has to take breaks periodically because of his tendinitis. Some days it is hard, but I am giving it all I got. 

We had some miracles this week. Me and my companion were able to receive some revelation in order to help our area grow! One night we were beat because we went out contacting and got nothing! So, we decided to come home early and just look through our area book and find anyone that had a positive remark that would want to hear back from us. We prayed and talked and guess what it helped, we called many of them and they want to see us this week. So, we have a lot of citas (appointments) for this week from the people we called. We are so pumped. For example, David Rodriguez. My companion called him up because he had all the lessons and had gone to church several times. He just has problems with the Word of Wisdom. So, we thought we should give him a call. (the last time the elder's taught him was 10 MONTHS ago) He answered positive and he said he needs our help! What a miracle. We are meeting with him today! Please pray for us and him that he will feel the spirit and want to learn more.

Christmas was stupendous. On Christmas Eve, we were up until 12 watching the incredible fireworks. They were screaming all night! I could barely sleep! I opened my package my family that they sent with me and I loved everything. Tie hanger, HLJ ring, Spanish verb book, candy, and a backgammon set too. (Note: My dad taught me how to play while I was home for surgery) I just taught it to my companion yesterday, and he beat me on the first try! What luck! But, it was a fun and a memorable Christmas. Talking to my Family was great! Garron, my good friend, even showed up! On Christmas we were able to go caroling to some less actives and investigators. The spirit was so strong! Loved it. I have some recordings posted below! Hope you like them!

This week was amazing. I'm not a 100%, but I'm getting stronger. God works in mysterious ways and he does know that I need to be here more than there! I love my mission. It is changing me a little day by day. And as I change and become more like him I can tell and teach others about him and his son Jesus Christ.  Love you all and hope you have a fabulous week! Happy New Year!

Con muco Cariño,

Elder Jensen

P.S. I was able to give a wrapped Book of Mormon to someone this week! Que poder!!!

Christmas Dinner

My view from my apartment. See the Temple?

Christmas Day Skype

My new tie hanger.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week 46 A Christmas Miracle I made it home to my mission! I arrived at the airport in Honduras at like 12:20pm on the Saturday December 19th. When I got there, I was expecting President or the secretaries to be there. But, I did not see any of them there. It was surprising. I did not have a phone to call anyone. Luckily, some members were there picking up some people and I borrowed there phone and called Elder Corey (the only number I remembered) so that he could call President or the Asistentes de Presidente. So, I just waited there for an hour until President's son and who I would soon learn was my new companion. Unfortunately, I did not got back to Siguatepeque and Elder Corey. But, I did go to a new area I think I will like just as much as Sigua.

My new area is Roble Oeste. And my new companion is Elder Hernandez. He is from Chicago and he is 26 years old. Interesting story because he was inactive for 6 years and got into medicine and school and had no intention of going on a mission. Until some missionaries contacted  him and his family and he was re-activated and then he decided he wanted to serve a mission. He barely made the deadline at 25 and was able to go on a mission. He is suffering from tendonitis in his ankle. His legs hurt everyday and it sometimes hurts him to walk. So, both he and I have to take it easy until transfers. I am so happy he made the decision to go on a mission.  He just got done with his training and still does not know a whole lot of Spanish. So, we have a lot of studying to do. Which is good for me too.

The coolest thing about my area is......the temple is literally 2 minutes from my house. I can see it from my house. My area is huge and mostly all the rich people in Honduras live there. So, it felt like I was living in the States again. So, I am excited to work in this area. We are opening re-opening the area and so there is a lot of work to be done.

I am enjoying my time here so far. Christmas time is such a wonderful time of year. I am glad I was able to return before Christmas and be able to spend time with the people and express to my love for the Savior and he birth. I am excited to be here and be on my mission celebrating Christmas.

I am really excited to skype with you guys and see you again. I do not know what time I will skype you. But, just be ready at any time. The hours may range from 11 to 6 your time. Oh, and do me a favor. Could you bring Scott over or Garron when I call so that I can talk with them? If you can, great. If not, its fine.

Love you all and I am loving it here in my area. Made a recording....hope you enjoy it. FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Con mucho Cariño,

Elder Jensen

P.S. Shot a pic of a Mack Truck for my grandpa. He sales their trucks. 

Week 4 of Home - The Gift of the Century

This week was amazing! I have some very exciting news for you guys! Up until December 10th I was told that I would not be returning back to Honduras until after Christmas. The mission department in Salt Lake said that the missionaries do not travel the week of Christmas. And because the doctor did not medically release me until Friday December 18th, it was too late. So, I had come to grips that I was not going to make it back until December 28th. But, President Ferman talked to my stake president and he wanted and needed me back on the 19th. He wanted me to come home...home as in Mission. I am so excited. I cannot ask for a better Christmas present, ever. I am ready to spread his love and message and life to everyone during this most wonderful time of year. I can tell everyone about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and how that knowledge can change their lives. I know that through him and following him, we will receive true happiness. 

My grandparents came for a couple of days to say hi and bye. I was able to go the temple with my Grandma Hibler to do some family names. Both initatories and endowments. We went out to eat to eat to may favorite places and watched some Christmas videos. We did an early Chirstmas Eve tradition too. I got to go to Star Wars 7 on opening night with my friend Garron Hahn. It was amazing. Friday the missionaries came over for the last time for breakfast and studying and to stay good bye. I will miss them. They were a great bunch of elders that helped me through a tough time. I will never forget them. I left at 1:30 am on Saturday December 19th back to Honduras.

I might not ever know why this happened, but I did learn somethings that I will take back with me to Honduras. 

Con mucho Carino,

Elder Alec Jensen
Tickets to the Star Wars 7
Hleping the Livermore Missionaries at the Interfaith Chior Festival
Saying good bye to Taylor...again. He goes back to his mission in Salem Oregon on January 5th
Heading the Temple with Grandma Hibler
My dentist's Ferrari 
My sisters
Dinner with everyone at Sauced
Saying good bye to my family.

At the San Francisco Airport ready to go back to Honduras.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Week 3 of Home - "All I Want For Christmas is My Mission Back"

Wow, I can not believe how fast this week has gone. (I am going to write in English again, because I am lazy today.) But, this week I have done so much to keep myself active and focused on my a little fun. This week I studied with the spanish missionaries again and was able to attend their District/Zone Meeting. It was so much fun. I was actually asked to give a little lesson regarding faith and how we can help others come unto him through the power of faith. A quote and talk that you are probably familiar with from this past conference was by Neil L. Andersen. He says: "Faith is not by chance, but by choice." As it describes in this we can only choose to have faith unless we act on it and decide to receive it. We must act on it to receive it and will receive those precious blessings of this gospel. As President Monson said: " The Future is bright as your future." You guys can do it and I know we all can do it! I am really miss my mission at this point in time. I have come to realize just how much I love it, as soon it is was taken from me. So, enjoy this time while you can.  It is a blessing. 

As news this week, I received word from my doctor that I can return to full activity as of the 18th December. So, I talked to my Stake President. I gave him the doctor's release and my letter stating how much I want to return before Christmas.  So, I have done my part and now we wait. All I am waiting for now is what day I am going back. I am trying as much as possible to get myself pumped up to get back out there and finish my mission. I was actually able to go to the temple with my mom last Friday. What a pleasurable experience that was. 

I have been keeping many of the missionary rules and day to day activities so I stay in the missionary mindset. But, I have been watching some Christmas movies and this week I started a Star Wars marathon, because I plan and will see the 7th one on opening night before I go back out. So, I am excited for that. In your faces!

I have enjoyed this week and plan to do as much as I can to  keep myself physically, mentally, and spiritually prepared to return to my mission. Love you all so much and I am glad you guys are encouraging me during this time. Again, more than any other gift this Christmas I want to return to my mission. Once again, love you all and hope to see you all real soon! Cheque Pues!

Con Mucho Carino,

Elder Alec Jensen

P.S. And as my trainer said, whom I love dearly, Sacrificio esta temporal, pero gloria es eterno!

Family photos

district meeting with the Livermore missionaries.

Week 2 of Home - Recovery

This past week was good. I have been taking it easy and it feels like everything is going well. I should be feeling a lot better in a couple more weeks if want to go out. I have a doctors appointment this Wednesday, to find out when I can get a release from the doctor. I am very excited to get back out! I'm really shooting for the week of Christmas.

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving week and I'm glad I spent it with my family. Instead of my mom cooking my dad decided to take us out for dinner. We got to eat at Golden Corral! I ate a ton of food, like 5 pounds of it. As you can see in the pictures above, I had a good time. I'm taking advantage of this time, before I go back out. Hehehe. I continue to studying with the Spanish elders every morning, so that I don't get out of the habit of my studies. This coming week I'm going to go on splits with the elders this week and the asked me to give a lesson at there District Meeting on Thursday. All these things will help me stay missionary minded.

Love you all and thank you so much for your letters during this struggle. Keep it up and I hope to see you in a couple weeks. And always remember :

No se preocupe, sea feliz!

Con mucho cariño,

Elder Alec Jensen

Week 1 of Home - SURGERY-

As much as I didn't want to leave my mission, I had to go to get my hernia surgery in the United States. The mission department in Salt Lake deamed it unsafe to have the surgery done in Honduras. I flew home Tuesday November 17th. My mom and and dad were at the San Francisco Airport to pick me up. Its amazing to see them along with my sisters. My bed was so soft and to be able to take a "normal" shower was amazing. But, I truly missed the people and friends I had gotten so close to in Siguatepeque. I skyped with a few of the families this week and made some contact with old district elders that had gone home by phone and facebook. My parents arranged for the Spanish Missionaries, along with with the elders that they lived with, to come every morning for breakfast to have study time. This will help me keep missionary minded and in the grove. I am hoping to get back out before Christmas.

Of course went to In and Out the very next day. Saw Dr. Lee for pre-surgery appointment. Surgery is Friday at 6am. 

My sis...Rachel. She had HS finals today.

Taught my little sister, Amy, how to play Monopoly Dealer

Skyping with Wilson and family from Sigua

Elder Magana, Elder Johnson, Elder Methvin, and Elder Yanez

Prepped for Double Hernia Surgery
About to wheeled off to surgery

Recovery room. My first words when I woke up were, "The road back to Honduras starts here and now."

Visitors...Mathias and Garron Hahn. My favorite family.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 45 Sucky Surgery

Well, this week sucked. I found out that I have 2 hernias and that I have to go home to get the surgery. I should be leaving this week sometime. I hope as soon as I get home...I can have the surgery and recuperate, so I can get back out here on my mission and finish it strong. I do not have much to write about this week because mostly we stayed in the house all day because when I walk or sit my hernias hurt. 

I know that is a trial of faith and that when I get home and keep myself focused on going back out...I will. So, I need to pray, read my scriptures everyday, watch church videos, study my Spanish, and everything so that I can return to my mission with honor. 

Love you guys all so much and I hope that you can all pray for me because I am hurting right now and I need some guidance. Talk to you next week.

P.S. I found TAXI NUMBER 1!!!

Con mucho cariño,

Elder Jensen 

The Mondosa Family from Siqua. I love them so much. The helped me find help when I was hurting form my hernias.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 44  "Let's Keep It Going"

This week was amazing. WE GOT ANOTHER BAPTISM! WOOHOO! Daniel, the one that got baptized, has been working so hard these past couple weeks and he wants to progress in the gospel. He said that we are an example to him, but his girlfriend is the biggest. She wants to serve a mission and her example has shown Daniel the way. Now, he wants to serve a mission like us and because of that desire he has already seen so many blessings in his life. We are so proud of him and his choice. What a miracle!

I am loving it here with Elder Corey. He is a great example of how to be the best missionary. I am doing all I can do to be a dedicated missionary. 

Something interesting that happened this week was that they are starting to sell fireworks here in Sigua. Which I am so stoked about! (Mom note: Anyone who knows Alec knows that he is a sucker for fireworks. In fact, for most of his growing up years he wanted to become a Pyro-technician. This does make me a little nervous however. I quickly wrote him a letter after getting this and told him to be careful and to not set Honduras on fire...seriously! That would not look good.). I bought all these fireworks for like $2 here in Sigua. Photo below. I am loving it here in Sigua and excited for more good things to come. 

Doing laundry in a pila may suck, the food sometimes may not be great, the humidity and heat is just horrible, but I can tell you that even with all those things combined and more, there is nothing that compares to serving a mission. Blessings come from being obedient and the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to true happiness. A quote I love by Elder Jeffery R Holland is this: "Some blessing come soon, some come late, and some don't come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ; they come".  I love this quote, because I may not like the living conditions here in Honduras...but I embrace this gospel. I constantly see the blessings and I love it with all my heart. 

Love you all guys so much, a year is quickly approaching and I am very excited to see my family when I talk to them on Christmas. Talk to to you next week. 

Cheque Pues!

Con mucho cariño,

Elder Jensen

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 43 Crazy Corey

This week was amazing and I cannot describe it in any other way. I received a new companion and his name is Elder Corey. He is from Utah and he has been a ton of fun. Actually, he is the District Leader, but it doesn't make a big difference. He is super fun and hard working.  I have shown him the area and we have already received so many miracles. We actually got over 54 contacts in just a few days. We are having a great time getting to know each other and have already became good friends. I am very excited for this cambio and am really excited to see all that Elder Corey and I can do together. 

This week was normal working week...we are actually preparing a man to get baptized this Saturday. Daniel has been growing a lot in the gospel and he has already expressed wanting to serve a mission like us. We are proud of his decision and we know that if he gets baptized and confirmed, he will become a changed man and I can already see him going out and serving a mission. He would make a great missionary.

We celebrated Halloween this year by eating Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip cookies with milk as a district to celebrate. They were really good!

Love you guys so much and miss you a lot. I am now approaching 1 year in the mission. It is getting closer and closer. Time flies. My feet are getting better and I am working more than I have ever worked with my new companion here in Stupendous Siguatepeque. 

Con mucho Cariño,

Elder Jensen

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 42 Half and Half

The reason why this week is called Half and Half is because the week was half good and the other half not so good. The not so good half is Elder Seville and I did not have a good week at all. It is very hard to communicate with him. The other half is I am staying here in SPECTACULAR SIGUATEPQUE and I am the new District Leader! I am so happy! 6 of the 8 people in the district are leaving to go to other areas. So, 2 companionship's will open 2 new areas. How exciting is that!

Today we visited Las Cuevas de Taulabe (cave) and wow they were just fantastic. They were just so beautiful and I am so happy I was able to enjoy it with the my district and zone. 

I don't have a lot of time today, but I will write more next week.

Love you guys all so much. I am loving this area with my heart as well as my mission. 

Con Cariño,

Elder Jensen

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 41 Spectacular Siguatepeque

As much as this week has been stressful, I have loved every minute. I love this area with all my heart. I would love to train a new missionary here, and I hope God gives that to me. The members here are just wonderful, the area is large and there is so much work to do. Just last Saturday night, we had a Noche de Talentos (Talent Night) with our ward family. It was so much fun. We laughed and we played and wow, I had a good time. I am so grateful that next week is cambios (changes). Elder Sevilla and I have had a lot of ups and downs. I love him and he is a great missionary, but I am ready to move on. All I am hoping is that I stay here. This place is awesome! 

I am having some difficulties right now, with my salud (feet). I have some kind of fungus on my feet that itches a lot. But, I am taking some medication and praying everyday that my health gets better. (mom note: Alec's feet have had many issues. 7 ingrown toenails and now fungus)

Before I end, I would like to tell you about a family that I love and are so dear to my heart, Familia Marinez. They are probably one of my favorite families here in Honduras. They bring so much joy to my heart. Last week, they had some difficulties in their family, but I prayed and fasted for them and God has blessed them in every way. They love each other and want what is best for each other. They are a blessing in my life, and they are part of the reason I want to stay here is because I want to see their smiling faces everyday. That is how much I love them. Picture is below.

This week was amazing and I am praying that next week, when changes come, that I can stay here in Spectacular Siguatepeque. 

Love you guys all so much. I miss you a lot, but I am doing just fine here. Talk to you guys next week.

And Remember... Sacrificio esta temporal, pero gloria es eterno!

Con Cariño,

Elder Jensen

The Echeverrie Family. Another favorite family of Alec's. The father contacted me on facebook to let me know about Alec's feet problem and that he was helping him get to a doctor to get medicine. 
Service work: cutting weeds with a machete??