Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 56 Grateful to Have What I Have

Wow, I cannot believe how fast these weeks are going by! A week feels like nothing! AAHHH! But, hey I am enjoying every minute of it. This past week, I learned how grateful I am for the life I have! This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to go and do service with my companion at a School Hospital for an investigator of ours. Man, I have never felt so grateful in my life. The hospital looked like a very old high school. Things are in horrible condition and there are like 10 people to a room waiting for a doctor. The medical/technical equipment is so out of date. The people at the emergency room have to wait for hours to be called. They do not care if someone dies or is in pain. They just have to wait their turn to be called. In the states, if its emergency...its an emergency. No waiting! I felt so horrible. But, I was able to comfort kids that were there for diseases to know that everything was going to be alright. I was able to help them feel wanted and happy. It was an amazing experience. I am grateful I had that opportunity. I probably will not get another experience like that on my mission or my whole life. It really was good for me. It also made me thankful that I came home for hernia surgery.

Almost done with Alma in the Book of Mormon. Should be done by next week....hopefully. I am loving it, it is changing who I am and who I want to represent. It feels excellent.

I am so excited for this Saturday! I will  have the opportunity to enter the temple and do a session with my companion. It will only be my second time in Honduras visiting the temple.  The temple will lift my spirits and help keep doing what I am doing. 

Loved this week and I cannot wait for the next. Thanks for all the support. Have an amazing week everyone. Love you all. 

Les quiero,

Elder Jensen

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 55 Pata Juca

I am so sorry I am writing this so late, actually a day late. Its just that yesterday was so crazy! We had the opportunity to go to Cristo - El Picachu. Picachu is stone carving of Jesus the Christ. It is found on top of a mountain outside of our mission. It's kind of like the one found in Rio just it looks a little different. But, it was a memorable experience. Man it was HOT! I was burning up, I mean we were at the top of a mountain for gosh sake. But, it was a cool experience. After that we went to the Zoo of Honduras. It is not like the one's in the states, but I would say it was pretty cool. I had fun yesterday with my Zone.

This past week I have felt a lot better. For a good half of the week, we were still in the house. But, little by little it got better. I am very happy for that. I finally got a chance to work last Friday. And man God knew I wanted to work. We met a family we had not had a chance to meet with for 2 weeks. It was a gift from Heavenly Father. At first we started talking with the daugther, then the husband came down and started talking with us. Then the wife came over and sat with her husband. And finally at last the son came down and talked with us. What a miracle! Funny, thing is all of them speak a little English. So, it was quite fun speaking to them a little in English. But, the really cool partt is that day the husband and wife were celebrating their 23rd Anniversary of being married. So, we had a chance to talk to all 4 of them about how families can be together forever. They were so interested! Si hombre!!! It was awesome! Hopefully, we can talk to them more this week, and maybe they can come to church with us this week. Please pray that the Family Manzia will come this Sunday! 

Well, I am now in Alma 10 of the Book of Mormon. Man, I am pulling thru it real fast. It is amazing this time around reading it.  The truth and the messages are really sinking in and I see so much how it applies to my life. It is so cool! The Book of |Mormon is true book from God, I know it.

Now, your probably asking why the title of this week is called Pata Juca. It is because I showed my toe to a concerned member to see if she could help me with anything. But, before she could even get close to it, all she could smell was the dirty feet I had. Pata meaning feet and Juca meaning dirty or smelly (slang words in Honduras). So it was born. From then on she will be calling me Elder Pata Juca. I am ok with it, it was my infected toe that smelled so bad not really my feet she was smelling. It was all kind of funny. 

I can tell you this week has gotten better so much. Heavenly Father has made many miracles happen out of what seemed to be like nothing. That is how he works and those are blessings you will receive if you just....wait and have faith. 

Thank you for your letters and emails. I can't explain how excited I am to read them every week. I am glad for this opportunity to serve. Its not what I expected (all the illnesses), but God knows why. I just got to trust him and everything will be alright. Have a wonderful week everyone! Ustedes son los mejores! 

Con mucho Cariño,

Elder Jensen

Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 54   Unexpected Miracles

I can tell you that this week was so unproductive. We did not do an ounce of work. We were in the house all week from morning until night. I felt like the worst missionary in the world after finishing last week. I WANT TO WORK!  But, since I am still sick and it hurts when I walk because of the infection in my foot....I was told to stay in the house this week. Not what I wanted, but it was a must in order for me to get better and get over this infection.

I did keep myself occupied while I was in the house. I told you guys last week I have been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish again. Just yesterday I finished 2 Nephi and wow what a chapter. My Book of Mormon is all marked up with references all over. It is not a bad thing, but it makes it really clear that I have been studying intently to find answers. I have found those answers and have been changed...literally. It has helped me more than you can know. I feel like I have grown so much spiritually this week. My testimony of the Book of Mormon grew this week beyond what I thought was possible. An unexpected miracle I would say. This one blessing alone can change my future in helping others to know that this book is TRUE. I am truly blessed I had the time to read it this week.

We had interviews with the president this week and I learned so much from my Presidente, he is an inspired and loving man and I love him. I learned more about fulfilling my goal as a missionary, how to better have the pure love of Christ in my life and how to share it with everyone around me. My situation may be difficult at the moment, but I know as I apply this principle in my life, I can do so much more with it.

Like to end with somewhat of a spiritual thought. Because me and my companion were in most of the week, we listened to a motivational speaker on CD. I got these speeches from my assistant to the Mission President. His dad is a very famous motivational speaker and he is really good. I was able to listen to it yesterday and...WOW! He is amazing. He gets in your head and tells you if you want your life to be a certain way, you gotta do these things. Here are some words that really stuck with me.

“The anchors you have need to be located, found, and either cut or pulled up. So, that your boat can move faster.“

“We are here to help people break from bondage, and help them to heal“.

“If your soul does not choose, your body will. Which can affect your desires, appetites, dreams,etc.“

“When your soul runs the show, you will find joy. When you body runs the show, you find only happiness.“

These are just but of a few quotes that have really made an impact with me. If we can just know where we want to go and be in life, we can accomplish anything. With God all things are possible. I know this gospel to be true. It can change and shape how we live and look at life. I am so thankful I have this knowledge. Even though these physical challenges keep coming, I still love my mission and I am thankful for this opportunity to serve however I can.

Thanks for everything guys. Love you so much. Have a wonderful week and I hope that this week will be a lot better than the last. Hasta Luego!

Les quiero,

Elder Jensen

Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 53 The Infamous Sick Missionary

Well, I think that my mom is going to kill me for having to tell you what happen last week. I had another ingrown toe nail and I got it taken it out last Monday. It sucked,  it really did, but that wasn't the worst of it. On Wednesday, we went to the doctor for a checkup, and found out that I have an infection in my toe. Those few days I can tell you, I have never been so in so much pain and so uncomfortable in my life. (mom note: this says a lot knowing this is his 8 ingrown toenail surgery and he had double hernia surgery and he has had Chikingunya 3x. I can count on my ONE hand the times Alec was sick growing up. He's making up for lost time I guess.) It was not fun. Everyday since Wednesday I have had to get a shot.  And guess where they put the the BUTT! Ouchh! We could not work at all this week. We had to be in the house resting because if I went outside the infection would get worse. This is the on'y thing I hate about Honduras. The sanitation is horrible. NO ONE likes anything clean. I try my best to keep myself clean, but the infection just rolled around from who knows who or why. So, as a missionary, I did not have a good week. 

Everything with me and my companion are great! We have had a lot of fun together these past 3 weeks. And since we were in the house, we had a lot of time talk and study. So, I am really glad I have my companion.

Guess what I found!?!?!?! A 6 pack of Inca Cola! BOO-Yah! I cannot believe I found it here in Honduras. Been enjoying and savoring it these past days. (mom note: Steve and I and the kids were introduced to Inca Cola when we went to Peru last year. The kids loved it. Its much like a cream soda)

To keep myself busy this week, since I was in the house, I have been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. I have been doing this to not only help with my Spanish, but it was a goal of mine to read it in Spanish and in English. Wow, this book is amazing. I love the Book of |Mormon. I am a changed missionary, a better missionary for reading it again and again. If anyone tells me its false, I will know that they are wrong, I know it to be true. The Book of Mormon changes lives, including mine. Please read and reread 2 Nephi Chp. 9. I cannot explain it to you, but just do it. You will be converted. 

I got to see a couple friends from Siguatepeque this week. I did not get a chance to see Wilson, but at least I got to see some of them. It was truly a privilege and blessing to see my old ward.

I would like to end with a spiritual thought. I had the chance to listen to a talk that really changed my perspective as a missionary. It is called After All We Can Do by Brad Wilcox. He says a couple of lines I would like to share with you. 

- “Christ is not waiting at the finish line, rather he is finishing our faith. Grace is not the prize at the end of the climb, yet it is the enabling power he us throughout the climb that he requires.“

- “The repenting sinner must suffer for his sins, but this suffering has a different purpose than punishment or payment, its purpose is change.“

-“The Lord helps us to help ourselves“

I may not be the healthiest missionary, but if I do all the Lord wants me to do during this time, I can change lives and even my own. I am sure of it. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve. Hopefully we will be able to work this week, depending on my health. Love you all. Talk to you next week.


Elder Jensen

P.S. Way to go Broncos!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 52  1 Year down, 1 to go

1 year! On Friday I will have fulfilled 1 year in my mission! I cannot believe that! This year has gone by too quick, and I only have 1 year left. Elders here say as soon as you have 1 year left, your mission goes by even quicker. So, I really want to work as hard as I can and embrace every moment before returning home. 

This week I am feeling much better and we are working pretty good in this area. We found some prepared people in our ward boundaries. For example, one day we went out contacted in area we have never been to. We started to contact the houses around there. We stumbled over a house and met a man named Freddy. As we started to teach him our message, he said that awhile back missionaries had taught him, but they never returned him the call. We felt sorry for him. He said he has a big interest in our church and wants to attend church with us. He also asked questions like: If I wanted to become a member of the church, what would I need to to do be one? We were stunned! So, we responded to every single question he had. It was an amazing lesson, and we felt the spirit so strong. We are going to return to him tomorrow. We are super excited for this area now and all its potential.

This past Thursday we had a Multi-zone conference here at the temple. I learned so much from the conference. I was able to reunite with 3 of my ex-companions. Picture below of them with me. I really learned a lot about what I need to do as a missionary to help baptize and help the new converts so they can be strong in this gospel.

I am having a ton of fun here in my mission. I actually get to see the ward of Siguatepeque this Thursday because they are coming up here for the temple. So, I am really excited for Thursday! I get to see all my friends from Sigua again. So, everything here in Roble Oeste is going great.  Hope you have a wonderful week! Talk to you later

Con mucho cariño,

Elder Jensen