Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 38 One of the Worst

Well, this week was very unpleasant. I found out that my companion and I do not get a long as well and I thought. He has one opinion and I have another and well it is not a pretty. He critiques me and is so critical of me and well it is so hard to have patience with him. So, I am praying everyday and trying as hard as I can to have the patience with him. Aside from our disagreements, we are seeing a lot of miracles from working hard every day. We have a family lined up for baptism and two other investigators as well. So, we are very excited for them and their motivation for baptism.

It has rained all week, so I was kind of wet all week long from walking the the rain. So, I hope there will be a little bit of sunshine this week. Hopefully.....

Another horrible thing this week is my USB with all my photos, all of my videos, everything from my mission got erased. My USB got damaged some how and well, I cannot do anything about it. I am so very bummed.

But other than that, Siguatepeque is so beautiful and I cannot describe the beauty here in Honduras. It is like other cities just a little bit smaller and much prettier. I heard that sometime on this cambio (change) we are going to go paint balling. Does that sound awesome or what? On my mission?! The members here are so nice and are very awesome to talk to. 

So, this was an interesting week. Nothing really much to talk about other than a few more downs rather than ups. But, it's all part of a mission. I hope it gets better this week...hopefully?

With much love,

Elder Jensen

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 37 Esperanza (Hope)!

Hello everyone! This week was really interesting and very fun. I got sent to a new area, new zone, with a new companion. It is so awesome. My Zone is called Esperanza (Hope), my new area is Siguatepeque B, and my companion is names Elder Sevilla. He is from Ecuador and he really funny. The funny thing is that we are both new elders to this area. We are actually opening this area. It is a lot of fun for me because we do not know the members, non of the investigators. I was in city for so long I knew so many people already.  When we got here we didn't even know where our house was. Pretty funny, right? Siguatepeque is my first PUEBLO (town)! Boo-yah! Living in the city was fun...but the pueblos are so much more beautiful and the people are so much kinder. And also this is the only zone in the mission so far where the temperature is a little bit cooler. It is not as hot as in my other areas. It is cool, which I like alot. Honduras is very hot and humid.

Elder Sevilla and I have been working hard this week and we put 2 new fechas this week, and its a total new area. How great is that! When we are obedient and do what the Lord wants us to do, we receive miracles that not only have a big impact on us, but on the people as well! Cool, right! 

One of the investigators, named Guillermo, was a blind contact on the street. We gave him a Book of Mormon and a folleto (pamplet) to read and we were going to explain it all to him next visit. When we returned, he had read the whole folleto, read part of the Book of Mormon, and said he wanted to go church with us this Sunday. He loves our church and we are seeing big changes in him. We are so excited about Guillermo.

Well, just want to let you all know I am growing and having so much fun here in my new area. I can't express how much I am. I am so glad I am a missionary! The time is going by super fast....I am really trying to do what my mom says in every letter she sends me, "work hard and embrace every moment". Love you all so very much. And thank you for writing evey week. That's it for this week and I look forward to hearing to you next week! 

Con mucho cariƱo,

Elder Jensen

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 36 15 More Hahahaha

Elder Martinez and I and some Minions

I have had a pretty crazy week. I have had some ups and downs. But, that is kind of part of the mission, right? But, you guys always give me that little extra confidence and now this week I feel recharged and ready to work! I can not believe that I have been on my mission for 9 months...can you believe that? I seriously can not believe that in less than 4 months I will have 1 year in the mission! Wow, time is going by super fast.

At one point in time this week we had 0 fechas. But, the next day Elder Martinez and I set some goals and gave it everything we got and now we have 2 y 1 fechas (mom note: 2 person family and 1 single). And now here is the sad part. I do not know yet, but we have changes tomorrow and I might be sent to a different area, different stake, have a different house, a different companion, everything might change. If I have changes, I will be very sad to leave my area and the people we are teaching right now. The members here are dedicated to the work and they want what is best for their ward.  We have an incredible family we are teaching and it will be sad not to see them through. But, we will wait and see what happens.

I have some photos I took this week with my awesome companion and my right-on Zone leaders. 

I am doing great here in Honduras. I have my ups and downs and some struggles, but through the Atonement of Jesus Christ I can do all things.  Love you so very much. I miss you guys a lot, but I know I need to be here more then ever.

Lo quiero bastante,

Elder Jensen

Zone leaders and us

Love this guy, Elder Martinez

Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 35 One Week After Another

Well, nothing really to say about this week. It went by pretty dang fast, but we had some bad news this week. We lost one of our families that we are teaching. So, that kind of happened. This is my last week with my Elder Martinez I do not know where I may be going this next week or who I will be with. All I hope is that its out of the city. I really want to be in a pueblo! (mom and dad note: He better be careful what he wishes for ;)

I forgot to bring my USB this week, so I do not have any pictures. But, I can bet that next week I will have more because I only have a little bit left with Elder Martinez. It has been so much fun with him and I am so glad I was able to be his companion. I have learned so much from him. 

Next week I will have much more information to give and much more alegre (cheerful) in my email. Love you all so much because you guys are my inspiration. 

Les quiero mucho,

Elder Jensen

P.S. GO BYU!!!