Monday, February 6, 2017


Wow, I did! I cannot believe how fast 2 years went by. My whole life I grew up thinking about and singing the primary song, ¨I Hope They Call Me on a Mission.¨ They called me to Honduras and now I am done. Its unreal. And now...onto new goals and aspirations. My next goals is college, a job, and weird to think about even marriage. I have loved my mission and I cherish it more than anything else I have. The people will be forever in my heart. My mission Presidents, all my companions and districts and zones, but most of all just the regular people of Honduras that I had the privilege either to teach or to serve. It makes me so happy in side to think of all of them. A mission is harder than they said it was, but even more amazing than they said it would be. This email....since it is my last on my mission.....instead of writing my whole testimony down, which I have been doing progressively this last month.  I decided to tape me bearing it in Zone Conference. (MOM NOTE: I NEED TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO INSERT THE VOICE FILE OF HIM DOING THIS, AS SOON AS I DO IT WILL BE HERE) I luckily did not ball, but I testified of the truth I know. I know that my Father in Heaven is happy with me for giving my service to the Him and to the Honduran people. I can't say it enough, I loved my mission. I would not give it up for all the money in the world. It is sacred to me and I know I will always remember it as the Best Two Years of My Life. See you guys on Wednesday! Adiojummmm!!!

Les quiero mucho,

Elder Alec Jensen