Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Temple Trip

Going through the temple for the first...is a memorable one.  Grandma and Grandpa had come into town for your farewell and Grandma was able to stay and be there for Alec's endowment session.  Many form our ward were able to attend to support Alec. There had been a huge accident on the freeway that made it impossible for some to make it on time for the session. But, I am going to list all the people that were either there or were on the road trying to make it to the temple. Grandma Hibler, Kyle and Belen Prusso,  Tracy and Gary Girardelli, Jared Hatch, Steve and Jeana Hatch, Brad Russell, Cary Becky Riley and Tristan Knuth, Brent Rebecca and Devin Badger, Danny and Lindi Auble, Scott and Kathy Adams, Don and Kris da Rosa, and Mike and Vickie Morris, 

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