Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 97 Gonna be a very Merry Christmas

Well, I am going to have one awesome Christmas. Christmas Eve lands on Saturday this year and its going to be very memorable. We had a real cool experience this week. We have been working hard on these 2 new people that came to church on Sunday. They are a family who are friends with the stake president. They came to church as a family and then we meet with them after and taught them about baptism. We talked from Acts 8 about Eunuch and Philip that if they had the faith to get baptized, they could too. It does not matter how many sins or temptations we have. All that matters if we have the desire to change. At that moment all of them decided to get baptized, and the are on December 24th, Christmas Eve. I know for us as missionaries, and of course the Lord, and most definitely for them this will be the best Christmas gift they will ever receive in their life. I am so happy for they made this life changing decision. For Marisol and for Genesis well they are a little bit different. They want to get baptized, but they are lacking the faith. The have postponed their baptism that was suppose to be this weekend.  So, we are going to help them and with the help of the members more we are going to read General Conference talks with them. 

My letters are getting a little shorter by the week because I so busy.  I am still working hard and I want you all to know that my testimony of this gospel is stronger than it ever has been. This week we were teaching the law of chastity to some investigators and I felt the impression to share my testimony. My heart burned with the spirit and I know now with all my heart that this law and others are true.  I love you all...loving this Christmas season. We are so blessed. We had 8 investigators in the church on Sunday....and we hadn't even found or asked these people. It's all from the members invitations! This ward is so awesome! Elder Estrada and I are working hard here and we are doing our best to invite all to come unto Christ! See you next week! 

Elder Jensen

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