Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 14 Intercambios in Villa Cristina

Another week has come and gone! This week has been pretty weird. Spanish has been coming along real slowly. I still need to work on my pronunciation and I do not know how to vibrate my tongue to do that double rr sound. I am working on that everyday, so yah. One of our investigators starting drinking again, he went 21 days without drinking and he just drank once and yah. His fecha (baptism date) was for this Saturday too. So, that sucks. Tambien Paola (Also, Paola ) too. She is having problems with the Ley de Castidad (law of chasity). She is doing things with an hombre of 26 years old and she is only 13! Disgusting! So, 2 fechas went down the drain. We have 2 more, one we interviewed and is ready for this Saturday and also a muchacha is also ready for bautismal this Saturday! So, we are so happy for them.

This week I had intercambios con Elder Gonzalez in Las Villas. Now, Las Villas can be really dangerous for gringos. There are 2 places in Las Villas, Villa Cristina and Villa Franca. Villa Cristina is todo tranquilo, but Villa Franca is not. Gringos have died there. So, I could not go there. So, I was safe in Villa Cristina. But, enserio (seriously), I said like 5 or 6 prayers before I went just to be safe. But, the view is fantastic. I have a foto attached. Hahaha

Right now my dedo de pie (basically "toe") really hurts and I am going to Tegucigalpa today to get it fixed. So please put me in your prayers. So, that is going to happen. 

Let me tell you everything here is so flippin cheap. I bought tres barriletes (candy, so good), uno Mandarina bebida ( like fanta), uno cheweenes ( pan con azúcar con piña) (mom note: Alec discribes what a uno Cheweenes is in Spanish...that doesn't help me very much. Luckily, Steve speaks Spanish. Steve translate: sweet bread with pineapple in it) y dos cemitas ( pan con azúcar, really good) (sweet bread) all for the equivalent of 1 dollar in the US. In Honduras it costs a total 20 lempiras (Honduras currency). So, I like that. I have a picture below of it. 

I have some pictures of PDay of my district, Las Villas, and San Rafael.

Thanks everyone for all your support. You are so kind. Keep sending me emails and put me in your prayers!

Elder Jensen

(Mom note: As you can see, Alec's Spanish is getting better even though he doesn't think so. Each email there is more and more Spanish instead of English. Steve thinks he might not even realize he is doing it. Which is a good thing. I will translate when needed.)

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