Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 16  Speaking Spanish!

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you and miss you much!!!

This week has been awesome! I really think I am getting closer to being able to understand and speak good Spanish. I have learned so much from my trainer and the people I talk to everyday. I will probably not learn to speak really good Spanish, like a latino, until about 8 months into my mission. But, its pretty cool so far. We had one baptism this week to a little girl named Fany. She just turned nine and so we were able to baptize her.

This week was Reunion de Nuevos and I got to see my homies from the CCM again. They are doing alright and I am glad that they are blessing the lives of many. 

Tomorrow is my Mom´s Birthday and I have a little surprise for her. I have attached a picture of it. I hope you like it MOM. I love and miss you so much and I am so excited for this Dia de los Madres (Mother’s Day) to see you and the rest of my family, via Skype! Only 2 more weeks!

We have 4 fechas lined up and wow they are awesome. One of them is named Yeefry. Oooh, muy bonisimo (really great). He has such an interesting background. He was in a Mata (a gang), for killing, he smokes and has some pretty cool looking tatoos. But, we have taught him the gospel and he wants to change his life and base it on Jesus Christ.  He is muy buen hombre (very good man).

Thanks everyone for your kind and loving support. Keep on writing me and keep on praying for me! 


Elder Jensen

You can find donuts just about anywhere if you look hard enough.

CCM Homies

Fany's baptism

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