Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 19 Struggles

This week went horrible. I got a new companion on Tuesday, his name is Elder Luna, and he is very nice. He speaks a little English, which is good.  However, I am struggling with my area. I have been here for 13 weeks. The members are fine, but I’ve been struggling with how they treat me sometimes.  They like to tease me, but as of lately it is really bringing me down I talked to Presidente and he agreed that maybe I need a change. When I was with Elder Rodas, sometimes I would literally come home crying because of how the investigators and the members treated me. I am really struggling right now with this, and also with my feet. I have yet another ingrown toenail and its getting really hard. I will have another procedure on a different toe today.

I will really miss Elder Rodas. He was a good leader and such a good missionary. He was a hero to me.  

This transfer I met Elder Thorn. I have a picture of him below. He looks like an awesome elder and I hope that during my mission I get to be with him. (mom note: Elder Thorn is a missionary that went to Alec's mission about 6 months before. We found his blog after searching  Comayaguela Hondruas blogs. Steve, Alec and I followed it to get an idea of what it was like in Honduras. His blog was funny, insightful, and spiritual. Steve was touched after one of his blog postings that he felt impressed to write Elder Thorn to encourage him during a difficult time. Elder Thorn wrote him back and thanked him for writing to him. A few weeks later Steve received an email form Elder Thorns dad thanking him also. Needless to say...Alec enjoyed finally meeting the famous "Elder Thorn".)

We had another Mormon helping Hands activity. We helped cleaned pilas for people for service. But, not much else.

We go to the Temple next week and I am looking forward to my transfer.

I am really struggling right now and I need all the support I can get. Please put me in you prayers.

Sacrificio esta temporal, pero gloria es eterno!

Elder Jensen

6th ingrown toenail procedure. My toes will never look the same.

Elder Thorn
Elder Luna
Last night with Elder Rodas

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