Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 20 Las Villas and the TEMPLE

This week was crazy and well OK. I moved to Las Villas on Thursday right after the Temple. That's right I went to the temple! It was awesome. I have a bunch of pictures below of how incredible the Tegucigalpa Temple is. We also did an Investidura, which is an endownment in the temple. The spirit was strong. The celestial room was fantastic and I could feel an outstanding feeling in the celestial room and I know and found out that this is what I want to feel everyday during my mission. And I have been trying to do whatever I can to feel the spirit like that everyday.  It was a little hard to pass the veil because it was in Spanish, but I got through it. Hahahaha.

Las Villas is a little sketchy for Gringos, which I'm not quite sure why but that's what they tell me. But, I am in the same district and same zone. So, that is kind of cool. But, the people here are just amazing and just yesterday we were able to make 3 fechas (baptism dates). One with a family and one with an hermana. I am doing alright here. I know that these next couple weeks with Elder Torres will help me a lot with not only Spanish, but to be an awesome missionary!

I am doing alright, but just a reminder please keep me in your prayers and always, always, always, write me. Because it makes not only my day but the whole week! Love you all! Hope you like the photos of the temple.


Elder Jensen

Our district in front of the Tegucigalpa Temple

(mom note: I'm guessing this is Elder Torres)

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