Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 22 Encontrar y Enseñar (To Find and To Teach)

Week 22 guys!  I do not know where time goes these days. This week flew by so fast. This week we met and taught 27 new investigators. We did not have a baptism, but with these new investigators, I can feel that so many of them are ready and will soon be baptized. I am so happy I am on a mission. I feel like a G!!! ( mom note: I have NO idea what this means) It is so awesome to see people here progress and then see how happy they are when they accept the gospel get baptized. I am so glad I am here doing the Lord's work. This is the OBRA DEL SEÑOR!!! (The Lord's Work)

Well, just yesterday I fell in a hole and I broke a sofa. With the hole, I was walking down the street and put my foot in the wrong place and fell in. I felt so stupid because I was in the city. Also, we entered into a members house and I sat down on the sofa and BOOM it broke. Glass just fell down from the table next to it and I fell through the sofa. I felt so terrrible, but she told me not to worry. It was going to break sometime soon anyway. So, yesterday was I guess you could say a weird day. I have a picture below. 

I am starting to remember how my mom makes food and trying to make it the best I can here for me and my companion. I just love pasta and spaghetti here. The way I make it so so good. I have a picture too. Also I made toast with cinnamon.

Oh,  I forgot to tell you how we get warm water. I have a picture below that will probably explain how.

I turn 19 in 15 days guys! Wow, I can't believe I am going to be 19 years old and have been on mission for 6 months. Time flies!

I just want to let you guys know that I am doing awesome down here and this is the Lord's work, I know it. The Lord has given me so much, a family, friends, the gospel, a house etc. And this is my time to repay him by bringing back his children to him. I am glad I am missionary. It may be hard at times to follow all the rules, but I know that through The Atonement anything is possible. Thanks everyone for your support. You guys rock. Keep praying and keep on writing! Love you all and have an awesome week!

Sacrificio esta temporal, pero gloria es eterno!


Elder Jensen

(Dad note: This is an electrical resistance wire for heating water, I used the same device on my mission 27 years ago in Mexico.  Technology isn't moving fast in central america I see.  Not exactly safe but so nice to have hot water!)

(Mom note: Typical Alec meal. Carbs with a side of sugar.)

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