Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 23 Farwell to Presidente Fortuna

Sorry for writing so, late, we had entrevista with President Fortuna this morning. And after, that we had a lot of things to do today. We went to the Mayoreo, which is where you buy your clothes, shoes, pants, etc. So, I did not have time to write until now.

This week was really busy. It rained every single day this week. So, some of the days I came home soaking wet from walking in the rain all day. Which really sucked. I remember coming home one particular day and my feet were totally blue because the ink in my soak soaked into the bottom of my feet. Man, it looked like I had a disease on my foot.  

This week we have been praying a lot and hoping to have 2 baptisms this Saturday, so we can go on a special activity President set up. If we have 2 confirmation by the thrid week of this month, we get to go visit the Air Force Base here in Honduras. So, we are hoping we get to go to that before our current President is released. Yah, we are getting a new President next week. President Fortuna is leaving and President Ferman is coming in. So, that is kinda cool. But, I will miss President Fortuna, he is a great man.

Today I bought a playera which is jersey here in Honduras and 7 ties for only 7 bucks. It was 175 lempiras, which is equivalent to about $7 or $8 here. They are awesome ties too. (mom note: Alec has been in Honduras long enough now to think these ties are awesome. 6 months ago he would have never said that. Love his humble taste in clothes now. Never that he was really extravagant before though.)

I just wanted to let you all know I am doing well. I am not perfect, but I know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, all things are possible. It is hard, but I know that the Atonement is for everyone and the the Grace of God is real. People just have to have the will, determination, and faith to do it. And I testify of that!. I am so glad that Elder Badger, Elder Knuth, and Elder Girardelli are serving missions. They are going great things for the Lord. And I pray everyday for them. And for keep at it! You keep doing what you are doing and I can promise you, you will come back. Remember; SACRIFICE IS ONLY TEMPORARY, BUT GLORY IS ETERNAL! Love you all and don't forget to write me and keep me in your prayers. Thanks for everything. I promise to have more pictures next week!

Sacrificio esta temporal, pero gloria es eterno!


Elder Jensen

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