Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 24 Happy 19th Birthday 

Wow, I can not even explain this week. It went by so fast and it was just so weird, crazy, amazing, and awesome. I tried rat and armadillo this week! It was actually really good. But, how weird is that? You should all try it sometime, it’s actually pretty good. I have a picture below of it. I actually took a lot of pictures this week. 

I am assuming that is armadillo.
I want to thank everyone that wrote me to wish me a happy birthday, which is tomorrow! I am turning 19 tomorrow. Woohoo!!! But really it was nice to see all the pictures sent to me from my immediate family, my extended family and my Ward family with signs saying Happy Birthday. This really made my birthday special. I may not be getting presents, but let me tell you that was the best gift I have ever received my for birthday. THANK YOU!

This week is cambios (transfers). And I do not know if I am leaving or staying, or if I’m getting a new companion or staying with the one I have. So, wish me lots of luck! 

Oh, by the way. Our zone leader (see photo below) who is going home this week, told us that each companionship had to get 3 new fechas by the end of last week. We thought it was impossible to do that in only 4 days. But, they do not call it FE-chas for nothing (Dad note: fechas mean date, but fe means faith). So, we had faith and then worked really hard and we did it. We have 3 fecha bautismals and 1 family. See, when you sacrifice yourself for just a little bit, the big blessings come. So, that was a miracle this past week.

A funny thing happened this past week, I got a pedicure from an investigator. Man, did my feet feel good. And it was only 100 lempiras (about 5 dollars). Man, if you have never had a pedicure, you need to get one! 

(Mom note: This makes me happy. Alec has had such a problem with his fee since he's been on a mission. 7 ingrown toenails which required nasty procedures. So, to have his feet pampered for a little bit must have been nice. A sorta birthday present to himself.)

I have a picture of one of my favorite member families below. Familia Navarro. They are awesome. So, funny. 

But I want to say that this week was awesome and I having so much fun doing the Lords work. It is hard sometimes and I know my Spanish is still coming along, but I know with our Heavenly Father we can do all things. I had lasañga this week, I finally got along with my companion, we are performing miracles, it just can´t get better than that. Love you all. And keep on writing and keep on praying. YOU ARE ALL THE BEST!!!

Sacrificio esta temporal, pero gloria es eternal.


Elder Jensen

Mom Note: All Alec every asks for is pictures from home. So for his birthday we decided to just that. 

Grandma and Grandpa Hibler
Jesse, Mary, Max, Carter, and Spencer
Darin, Trish, Stefanie, Annika, and Vivian
Travis, Szilvia, Allison, Ryan, Greta and animals

The Priests: Scott, Sterling and Sam
Deacons an Teachers: Ben, Sam, Garron, Seth, Ethan, Dylan, Mathias, Canyon
Jared, Lia, Millie Hatch
Cameron, Shannon, Weston, Holden, and Declan Rosenhan
Randy and Lindsay Hahn
Derek Rossi and Danny Auble
Bishop Cheney and Steve Hatch
Brad Russell, Glen Scoville, and Tony Farmer
Ken and Janelle Black
Gary Girardelli and Rich Palmer
Don de Rosa

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