Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 21 First White Gringo

This week was crazy. I am officially the first white gringo in Las Villas in history! And it is awesome. The people here are just awesome! I love it. I am doing a lot better and just love to help and serve the people of Honduras. It is hot and some days I am really tired and do not want to work, but once I get working, I do not really care how hot or how tired I am. All I care about is helping the people here come unto Christ. 

Right now we have an investigator, Heidy, who is stuggling. We have been trying to set a date for her on the 20th of June to get baptized. But, she keeps pushing it off. She has a problem with her husband about how when he comes to church, none of the members introduce themselves to him. So, he is mad with us, the members, and with Heidy. It really is too complicated to explain. But, the point is she is struggling. On Sunday I bore my testimony to her and I was prompted to tell her that she is ready for 20th of June to get baptized. I felt the spirit so strong and she finally accepted. She wants me to baptize her too! I told her that being baptized will bless her and will help her in times of need. So, I am so relieved, happy and excited. What a miracle!

I got to go to the temple again this week and man it was awesome. It was for an actividad (activity) for the church and for our mission. The objective was to bring as many investigators to go the temple, so they could feel the spirit that is there. So, I went yesterday. It was spectacular! Saw a bunch of old friends there too. I have some picutres below! 

This week was fast and Las Villas and my companion are helping me learn and grow.  Just want to let you guys know I am doing awesome! Thanks for all your support. Love you guys, keep praying and keepi writing! 

Sacrificio esta temporal, pero gloria es eterno!


Elder Jensen

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