Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 32 Family Time

Elder Jensen and Elder Martinez
This week was perfection! We found a family who was willing to get married and then to be baptized! (mom note: Alec has mentioned in other emails that men and women who have children in Honduras are usually not married and just live together, so marriage is needed for baptism.) That is another 3 more fetcha for ya! We now have 6 y 1 for baptism! (mom note: Steve and I think this means a family of 6 and 1 other individual for baptism) Now, let me tell you about this family. And I know my sister Rachel is going to love this. They are called Familia Sierra.  They are the gamer and anime kind. They have a Wii, an old PlayStation 2, and PS4! They have a bunch of video games too. It almost tempts me to play them...but I know I cannot. Now, here is the interesting part. This family loves Anime. Loves it!!! They have over 250 books of complete anime. It is crazy. I know my sister Rachel would love them. They are so willing to get married and to get baptized. They have promised to read the Book of Mormon and to keep taking the missionary lessons. What a blessing from GOD! This might be the first complete family that I will baptize on my mission! Boo-Yah!

I am finally getting a hang of the Spanish. The blessings of the mission are delivered in small packages, but in reality they are so powerful! Love being a missionary! 

We have a special treat coming to us this Saturday and Sunday! Russel M. Nelson is coming here to Honduras, to our mission, to talk to us! How flippin cool is that! And then on Thursday, the President of Centro America is coming to visit us too! How cool is that! I am really excited about this week...I swear its going to be a very good week.

I am starting Insanity tomorrow actually, because we had to get a new charger for our DVD. So, we could not continue from last week. Also, I got another ingrown toe nail, and just got it taken a couple hours ago. 

But, everything this week has been awesome and I see my mission changing me everyday. Love you all and remember to know the drill hahaha!

Les queiro,

Elder Jensen

P.S. Cheque pues! hahahaha

Pday shopping after having ingrown toenail surgery, AGAIN. 

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