Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 34 A Mission Changes You

This week felt slow, until Saturday! We had 2 more baptisms. It felt so wonderful to be able to baptize 2 more of God's children. I baptized one and Elder Martinez baptized the other. His name is Franco....and it has awesome to see him grow over the past 3 weeks. Franco had someone close to him die this week. His grandma died of cancer and how sad that was for him and for all of us. But, he now knows that being baptized will allow him to see her again because he knows Heavenly Father's plan and it's a plan of happiness and it's a perfect plan. What a strong spirit this young man of only 9 years old has. I too know that God has a plan for us. The other baptism was an elderly man named Raul. He actually came to us saying he wanted to change. The first lesson we had with him, he said that he would stop drinking from that very day. Surprisingly he did! He now has not had a drink in almost a month. How awesome is that!!! I love being a missionary. It is truly amazing to watch people change there lives . And when they change, I change.

Elder Martinez and I are working so hard in our area and we might, by the end of this change have 6 and 1 baptism (mom note: this means a 6 member family and 1 other investigator). This has been one of my most favorite areas. The people are so positive and the members are so active and they help us find new people to teach. It makes a huge difference.

I want you all to know that God has a plan for all of us. I know that God has a plan for me. He sent me here to Honduras to help and teach the people of here about the gospel. And it has changed my life forever. While I have been on mission I have thought about my mistakes and my faults. My mission has changed me into the best person I can be.

Love you all so much and I am doing awesome here. Keep praying and keep writing. If you guys could...some of the missionaries get actual letters in envelope and everything. They said it is much better than an email. So, if you wanted to do that...that would be great! And remember: 

Sacrificio esta temporal, pero Gloria es eterno!

Con mucho cariƱo,

Elder Jensen

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