Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 38 One of the Worst

Well, this week was very unpleasant. I found out that my companion and I do not get a long as well and I thought. He has one opinion and I have another and well it is not a pretty. He critiques me and is so critical of me and well it is so hard to have patience with him. So, I am praying everyday and trying as hard as I can to have the patience with him. Aside from our disagreements, we are seeing a lot of miracles from working hard every day. We have a family lined up for baptism and two other investigators as well. So, we are very excited for them and their motivation for baptism.

It has rained all week, so I was kind of wet all week long from walking the the rain. So, I hope there will be a little bit of sunshine this week. Hopefully.....

Another horrible thing this week is my USB with all my photos, all of my videos, everything from my mission got erased. My USB got damaged some how and well, I cannot do anything about it. I am so very bummed.

But other than that, Siguatepeque is so beautiful and I cannot describe the beauty here in Honduras. It is like other cities just a little bit smaller and much prettier. I heard that sometime on this cambio (change) we are going to go paint balling. Does that sound awesome or what? On my mission?! The members here are so nice and are very awesome to talk to. 

So, this was an interesting week. Nothing really much to talk about other than a few more downs rather than ups. But, it's all part of a mission. I hope it gets better this week...hopefully?

With much love,

Elder Jensen

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