Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 63 Elias El Profeta

This week was great! Although my companion did not want to work, I was able muster up all  the patience I could find to finish up this week with Elder Munoz. He is leaving this change and I am staying. I loved him, but we had a hard time seeing eye to eye. To be honest it was difficult at times to get along. I learned the importance of patience and trying to see the good in all. I'm not perfect so I know it wasn't just him. I wish him well. (You learn way more on a mission than just about sharing the gospel). Found out who my new companion is, his name is Elder Hales. And the cool part is he is from Danville! California! Si hombre! He lives so close to me and we are going to tear it up in the area. I am so excited to get to work. I have great expectations for this change and I can feel that we are gong to do great things.  I will tell you all about it by next Monday! 

We had a baptism!! Woo-hoo! Elias (El Profeta - nickname) got baptized. It was a wonderful week and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to baptize him.  I know that this decision will change his life. He will be able to get through a lot of hard times and accomplish much. Like us, if he does what he knows is right and follows the commandments, and is obedient, he will see miracles in his life. And I know he can do it, all he has to do is have faith. 

I am so grateful that I am a missionary and the chance I have to serve my God. As I am obedient with exactness, I will receive inspiration and guidance to those seeking the gospel. I am so happy and I am ready for this next change. I am ready for something new. Love you all and I am so happy for all the letters I receive every week because it helps me more than I can ever say.  I only have 9 months left! Love you all. Hasta la próximo semana! 

Les quiero,

Elder Jensen

P.S. Favorite quote from last general conference. 

"You may feel that your life is in ruins. You may have sinned. You may be afraid, angry, grieving, or tortured by doubt. But just as the Good Shepherd finds His lost sheep, if you will only lift up your heart to the Savior of the world, He will find you. He will rescue you. He will lift you up and place you on His shoulders. He will carry you home."

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