Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 64 Little Pete

Well, this week could not have gone any quicker. We were able to make baptism dates with a few people and we also found some new people to teach for this upcoming week! Elder Hales and I worked a ton this week. It feels really good to be back working hard. We have been teaching a couple of ladies, Marcelina and Maria, and after attending church 3 times, they feel like they are ready to get baptized. We made baptismal date for them on the 7th of May. We are stoked for their decision to take this step in there life. We have 5-6 good possible investigators that might be ready for baptism next month. To be honest, we are doing so much work, and with the Lord's help and the Holy Ghost we can make this happen. I come home from the day, tired, sweaty, and really dirty from the hot sun we are working in all day. I take 2 - 3 showers a day because of how hot it is here. But, hopefully it is going to cool down soon. We are expecting some rain here in the next couple days. So, I am praying with all my might that it will come and will cool us off a little bit. 

This week I got know my new companion more and to be honest he looks, talks and sounds like a little Pete Andrus. So, that is why the headline for the day is called Little Pete. Hope you get a kick out of this Pete. 

I am receiving, actually both my companion and I are receiving a lot of blessings and miracles from being exactly obedient here in Laureles. It is so awesome to see all the miracles, they like just jump out at you. Its like your in a 3D movie and the graphics are just hitting you in the face. To be honest, at times it can be overwhelming, you can get filled up with so much emotion. But, it is down right dope!  

I am loving here in Laureles and I should be here for awhile, I think. Not what I expected, but I will do what I am asked, follow the spirit and love the people as I diligently work in Poderoso Los Laureles. Love you all. Should have even more exciting news by next week. Hasta Luego!

Les quiero,

Elder Jensen

P.S. Happy Birthday Mom and have a happy anniversary with Dad! 

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