Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 70 Small things become BIG

Well, another has come and gone. I received my new companion this week. He is pretty dope. His name is Elder Small. He was born in Utah, but most of his life he grew up in South Korea and Japan. His dad is a teacher in the military there and so that is why he lived there so long with his family. (I bet my sister is going to love this, he talks to me in Japanese sometimes.) I have enjoyed myself here more in Laureles. Seems to me I am going to be here awhile. I love it here...we find new investigators everyday and I am so excited for this week to make new contacts and hopefully put as many fechas (dates) as we can to teach and to baptize the people of Honduras.

Today we have 3 appointments with some investigators that we are hoping to set a fechas with. Specifically, we have been trying to set a date with a boy named German for the  past month. He wants to get baptized and loves the church, but his mom does not want to give him permission because she thinks he is not ready. But, we are going to talk with her today and see how things go. Also this week we have pretty much a FHE set up for everyday. FHE appointments are a great way to get references from the members and the investigators. 

I am loving it here in Honduras. I know I have only a little time left, but I do not care. I am just going to worry about today and keep on doing what Elder Jensen knows best. I know my savior lives and I know that through him we can be saved and be CHANGED by his GRACE! Love you guys so to you next week!

Elder Jensen

P.S. Watch the video #Halleluyah byt he dope!

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  1. Sounds like you're doing great, Elder Jensen! Keep up the good work and we'll see you soon. Mike and I just got back from seeing Eric and his family in Colorado. So much fun visiting them and seeing that our grandkids' testimonies are growing stronger and stronger. Seems like only yesterday when Eric was serving his mission in the Dominican Republic...time really flies! Take Care!
    Mike and Vickie Morris