Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 73 Finding Faith

Birthday cake (family's birthday box not delivered yet)
This week went by too quick. I have learned a lot during this past week working and teaching. From the investigators we found last week, we were able to help a bunch of people start to learn more about Jesus and what is faith. I learned a couple things myself from teaching them. The things you can learn from the coolest people, I love the people down here. Family Lopez Sanchez is progressing the only thing is that the husband, to be blunt, is a bit of a jerk. The wife always says the sweetest things about her husband and is very humble. But he, is so crazy. He always complains about how his wife is crazy and does nothing. He makes an excuse every time we check to see if they are reading or praying. He thinks he is pretty perfect. He is so prideful and it makes me just want to yell at him, but I know I can't. But, we are working and doing all we can to help him to understand how Christ can help him. We have also been teaching some other people as well.

We have a woman and a teenager who just recently lost their husband/dad. They have had the coolest dreams/visions ever. She said she had a dream where they saw him in heaven and she described heaven. Every one was in white and looked perfect like Christ, no sickness or problems. Pretty dope experience. It was kind of weird when she said she had some kind of exorcism. But, we were able to bless her home as well as give her a blessing to help her to feel good in her home again. She says now she wants to be taught the lessons, as well as her daughter, so that she can have the hope to live with her husband one day again. So dope experience.

We have a bunch of other people we are visiting as well. What is funny is most of the people we are teaching are women. Most of the men here are bums. They either drink, smoke, or fornicate. And they are not really receptive or really wanting to try like the women do. But, slowly but surely we are finding people more positive and more willing to change their lives. 

I am really having fun here and I am so excited about this next week. I am really discovering the blessings of being a missionary. I am so grateful to serve. And I know if I pump it up this next week, we can do some great things and bless the people here. Love you guys so much and just to let you know I only have 7 months left!!!!!

Les quero,

Elder Jensen

Birthday morning TPing
Elder Small taking bath in our tub.

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