Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 71 Finding Families

Member that moved to Houston (made really good food)
I had a excellent week this week! We worked our butts off this week and I am so proud of Elder Small and myself for working so hard! We were able to pull out 40 new investigators and 7 NEW FAMILIES! Holy mother fudge that is a lot!!! I cannot wait for this upcoming week to work and to hopefully baptize my first family! How cool would that be! It's all those blessings for being 100% obedient and working very diligently. We are showing the Lord how much we love him and how much we love His gospel. And by doing those things, with faith, he gives us results and blessings. It aint easy, but it is definitely possible. I am grateful I have this opportunity for this opportunity. I only have 6+ months left until I am finish my mission. So, as I work with these families, I know I will receive blessings that I can one day tell my kids, just like my Dad tells me of his mission.

We found a family this past week that is so dope! Now they are not married yet, but they have been sharing with us some really cool experiences from their reading of the Book of Mormon. Dreams and experiencing they are having with the Holy Ghost in there heart. They could not go to church this past week....but they said they would go this next week. If all goes well with work this week...we could get 12 people and 4 families in church! How sick could that be. So, please pray for Family Lopez Sanchez to come! Also pray for the other people to come as well! 

I am so happy to be a missionary of Jesus Christ. He is showing me my capacity and potential to really teach and change lives of the people in Honduras. I know as I show him by putting my whole heart into this work, he will bless me and the people I teach. Anything is possible. I have heard the last 6 months are best months of your mission. So, I know that as I work hard these next several months I will have so much fun! Love you guys so much...hope you can pray for me and for my investigators this week so I can baptize my first family this change!

Les quiero,

Elder Jensen

It rained a butt load this week
Selfie with the church

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