Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 78 Nothing to Something

What a week it has been. We started out with noting this week and by the end of it....God worked miracles! So, we are talking and teaching the Familia Garcia Zambrano and they are so awesome!!! I know I was sent here to reactivate the parents and baptize the kids. I know it!! They were able to go to church this week even though the dad was suppose to work...he came anyways and man we had a full house at church this week. The dad, Marvin, also gave us the referral of his mom and his cousin to teach and man they are on fire too. We had 7 people in church and 6 of them were mainly their  family. They are so dope! We know have 5 planned to be baptized on the 20th and the 27th of this month. I am so happy. I haven't had a baptism in a while and God has truly turned out a week from nothing into something. Please pray with all your might that Familia Garcia Zambrano keeps trusting in what they feel and have faith!!!

We have done a lot of service this week and we have seen the miracles that come from such a small thing. I know I say this a lot, but I am so happy to be here in this area and in Honduras doing what the Lord wants me to, but it's all I want to do too. I am here on His call and here to help him work miracles and bring as many people to into the gospel. I am grateful for this time to serve and I cannot wait to see what happens in these next 6 months left of my mission. 

Did not take as much photos this week, but I promise I should have some more by this week. But, I am doing what my Savior wants and what my Heavenly Father wants. I am so happy and I feel the spirit so much in my life!

Les quiero,

Elder Jensen

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