Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 81 The Chosen Family

BEST. WEEK. EVER! Well, guess what...Familia Garcia Zambrano got baptized! WOOT-WOOT! This experience has been such a blessing to me. To see them grow in the gospel. To see where they were and now where they are. To see the baby steps they took and the see their desire to change and do what the Lord wants them to do.  I am so very grateful I was here to find, teach, and baptize all three all them. The cool thing was everyone from that family came. Everyone from the dad's side of the family and everyone from the mom's side of the family. They all came to see the baptism. So dope! Biggest baptism service I have had here on my mission. Afterward, the dad invited us all to chuleta, papas fritas y ensalada...mmmmhmmm! Delicioso! This could have never happened without my companion, Elder Small, he's the best. And especially without Heavenly Father, Christ or the Holy Ghost.  God truly works in mysterious ways. They are truly the chosen family for me. The confirmation the next day was so sweet. To  hear all the blessing they can receive if they just follow all the principles of this gospel. I cannot wait to see their progress in the next coming months!

Well, this week is changes. And it is so sad to see Elder Small go. I know that he needs to start his next chapter in his life...but I wish he could stay longer. I hope and wish the best of luck when he gets home and that someday I may seem him again.

We were able to go to the temple this past week and wow what a ride. Every time I go to the temple, I feel His presence. I feel the peace and I know my testimony gets stronger every time my knowlege grows in this gospel. I encourage all of you to take the time out of the week to go to the temple and experience all the blessings you can receive by doing the Lord's work. Love you guys so much and cannot wait to tell you about my new companion next week. Hope all is well at home and just to let you know....6 months left!!!!

Les quiero un monton,

Elder Jensen

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