Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 80 We've Got A Baptism!

Familia Garcia Zambrano!!
What a week it has been! We have worked so much this week, I cannot believe it is over! Guess what....we have planned 3 baptisms for this Saturday! Woo-hoo! 3 shouts for 3 baptisms! It has been so long since I have had a baptism in this area. And what a miracle it has been to see the Familia Garcia Zambrano grow. I can tell you this is the first family that I know I was sent here for them and to baptize there kids. It was not by accident that we ran into their mom and gave her a blessing for her health. And that she knows the missionaries because her son is a member and that they have 2 kids and a niece who want to get baptized. If I never came on a mission, we would never have found them.. And I could never had baptized them and reactivate there parents. I was sent here for a reason. 

Well this week has been pretty darn crazy. We found a lot of new people to teach. We had an activity this past week in a new park they built here in Honduras. We were able to give away free bags of lemonade and contact people. It was a fun activity and we found many people we can now go meet with and hopefully teach. Its amazing how such a simple thing can do so much and make you so happy. 

We have also been seeing lots of results from doing Noche de Hogares (FHE) with the members and investigators. The people really want to come, participate and learn. Just being with them, and feeling the spirit is doing so much.  My companion have run out of ideas. So, we would really appreciate if you could send more ideas and activities we could do to bring more people out to FHE!

Minute to Win It game, Face the Cookie
Having so much fun here in Laureles. We have so many more activites planned this weekend before changes this week. This is actually my last week with Elder Small before he finishes his mission this next tuesday. Please pray for him that he can prepare for him before he goes home. Love you guys so much....Have a fun week and talk to you next week! 24 more weeks and I am home!!!

Les quiero mucho,

Elder Jensen

P.S:In the photos below, We found a contact who makes guns out of tubes. Pretty dope!!! And some guy got shot by assasins this week while we were out teaching. Starting to get pretty dangerous here in Laureles. But, we are keeping an eye out for things. 😨

Guns from tubes
Yea, that's a body bag.

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