Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 83 Long and Sick

Well, I can actually tell you that this week went by longer than it seems. Maybe because I got kind of sick...I started to feel pain everywhere and the chills and a headache....and a bunch of other things. Not much to write about his week. We found a lot of new people to teach and I cannot wait to get back to work this week. I am feeling much better, and ready to show what I can do with the 5 months left I have in my mission. I am very excited for the people we are to teach this week. Lately, we have been teaching someone named Jeisy. She was a reference from the church offices and she is very receptive. She is considering baptism. She just has a couple questions about the Plan of Salvation. So, we are teaching and clarifying with her with the help of the members. She did go to church this past week and she liked it a lot. She could possibly get baptized this month. She just needs time and answer from her Heavenly Father that the gospel is true. So, we have praying and been fasting this week for her to receive that. If you could put her in her prayers that would be awesome! 

I want everyone to know how much I love the mission. The mission truly can change lives. In life and even on a mission you have so many temptations, but the mission right now is changing that. Little by little...the savior is helping me to establish grounds to help me to have a successful life and a way to return to him. I love my savior so much and I cannot wait to see him again. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve. Thanks for all the support. Love you guys so much! No photos this week...forgot to take some because I was sick. Have a good week everyone!

Les quiero mucho,

Elder Jensen

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