Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 84

Wow, well this week was pretty great. We have been working really hard with this awesome investigator named Jeisy (I've been talking about her), who just loves the church and everything about it. She has had all the lessons and now has gone to church twice know and she says that she is possibly going to get baptized this 24th. We are just waiting for her to receive an answer from Heavenly Father. This past week we have praying a lot for her to receive that answer. It is quite cool to see people change from nothing to a BIG something. What a great opportunity it is to help people change there lives around. As a missionar I enjoy the experience I am having here. It kind of sucks that I only have a few months left, but I am working hard and embracing every moment. So, if you could pray for the investigators we have and for us to find more. We are kind of struggling right now with our teaching pool, but we are doing all we can. 

By the way I had another ingrown toe nail take out today and man did that hurt! But, hopefully I do not get any infections....because the last time I had that it sucked. 

Nothing else happened this week, but we are doing all we can to find new people here in Laureles to teach and help! The mission is great...I have been having new experiences everyday that help not only me, but my companionship as well. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve my God. Love you all and please pray for us. We truly need help in this area. It has been slowing down a little but, we are working our butts off so that it can go back up!

Elder Jensen

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