Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 92 Unexpected Contact


Weeks are passing like a seconds here. I literally have 21 months right now and it is so surreal. I cannot believe that in 3 months I will be home. I really don't like talking about it. I am still enjoying my time here in Honduras, helping my fellow brothers and sisters find and stay on the path of righteousness to return back with our Heavenly Father. I had kind of a stressful past week with the work and trying to get it all done. We are doing our best and I know with my companion on the right side and the Lord on the left, anything is possible. We have seen some pretty dope miracles this past week. Our area is kind of tough because it is outside the city, but some crazy things have happened this past week. 

One of them was that Elder Hernandez and I were helping a family in their pulperia (small grocery store) sale food and utilities to the local people who always pass by buy stuff. Elder Hernandez went outside for just a minute to talk with the some people passing by. And these 2 ladies come up to him and said ¨Elder, Why are you not with your companion?¨ My companion responds,  he is just inside doing service for Hermana Olga¨´ And she responds again ¨I know the mission rules Elder and it tells you strictly to be by your companion at all times.¨ My companion said ¨Wow, that's right, how do you know the mission rules sister? Are you a member?¨ She says ¨No Elder, it is just I have been talking to elders for almost 20 years, still have not been baptized yet, and the elders have told me all the rules one of them is to be by your companion at all times. Elder Hernandez called for me...and when i came out we started talking more to them and getting to know them. Like she said they have been meeting with elders for 20 years and the reason they never got baptized was because they had problems with getting married because they did not have the money. So, lately my companion and I have been working with them this week. They went to church yesterday and they loved it because now the building is so close (since the new church opened). We are hoping to help them get married. It's just really hard because it is really expensive to get married in Honduras. 

We are working with a bunch of other contacts and referrals from the members this week. Surprisingly, we got a lot of referrals from the church and it has been really cool. This week will be as busy as last week. Which makes any missionary happy.  I am so happy to be a missionary. I have been learning so much and having many new experiences that will help me to prepare for the real life after my mission. President said to us yesterday that if we do not truly change on the mission, we will cry afterwards.  Love you all. Thanks for all your support. See you next week. 

Hasta Luego!!!

Elder Jensen

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