Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 93 Cambios De Nuevo

Well, changes happened again. I cannot believe how 6 weeks can go by so feels like just yesterday Elder Hernandez and I became companions again. I will receive a new companion as of tomorrow. His name is Elder Estrada. He is from Guatemala. I know him pretty well...I know we will get along real well this change. I am going to kill him (this is his last change and he goes home, mission lingo, basically, work him to death). We are going to study hard, work hard, and baptize a lot. I know that these next 3 months are going to go by so fast, so I have to enjoy every minute of it. I love my mission and I know I can truly express my love to Heavenly Father by giving it my all.  I know if we do it His way, it truly does work. That is why this change I am going to make goals for the remaining part of my mission and goals for my future. I don't have a lot of time this week, so this will be short. But, I promise I will tell you about all the cool experience I have next week. 

Real quick...Elder Ochoa from the Seventy came this week and talked about us about how we can be better missionaries and how we can live our missions to the fullest. But, he said that there are thousands...THOUSANDS of people in our area that are waiting for this gospel and are just waiting for missionaries to knock on there door. So, I know now what I need to do as a missionary to really help my mission to the fullest. Love you all thanks for all your support. I gotta to you guys next week. 


Elder Jensen

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