Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Week 4 Elder Knuth Comes!

Elder Jensen's District

Hello everyone! This is Elder Jensen from the Mexico MTC reporting for week 4. Wow! I leave for Honduras in 2 WEEKS! Crazy!!!! I am so excited to leave here, the days are getting so old because it is the same schedule every single day for 6 weeks. The only thing I am going to miss is the food. The food here is really good, better than I expect it will be in Honduras, so I've heard! This was one successful week here in the MTC for me. I have been saying my prayers every morning and night and have been getting answers to them each and every day. I have been asking God for a miracle, because I don’t feel very confident yet, to help me learn pretty good Spanish before I go out into the mission field in Honduras.

This past Sunday was fast Sunday and I bore my testimony in Spanish and could feel the spirit so strong. I gave the best testimony I could in Spanish. I do not think I said it all in Spanish, but the spirit helped me all the way through.  I have learned much more Spanish than I knew before I got here. It has been tough and I have had to put in a lot of work. So I am happy where I am right now! The devotionals here have helped me so much! This past Sunday was particularly inspiring for me because of my struggle to learn the language. In the devotional it talked about putting in 600 to 1000 hours of speaking and learning of the language rather than only 100 hours. So our district set a goal for the next 2 weeks to speak as much Spanish as we could. We speak it in our casa, in the comedor, in our classroom, in talking to anyone…everywhere. So far it has helped a lot. I know I can do it. As Elder Bednar said in a talk given here, "You can do it! Do not give me up. Keep working at it and you can do it. YOU CAN DO IT!" 

This past Monday a part of my district left that was so dear to my heart. They helped me so much with keeping me company and lifting me when I was down. There is a picture of them below as well as a picture of our whole district all together. An elder from that group actually sang to us before he was called "You Raised Me Up" by Josh Groban. Awesome voice!

Today, one of my good friends Elder Tristan Knuth is coming to the MTC! Wow, I am so excited to see him. I am so blessed that he is coming here, it will be so good to see a familiar face.  It is also a blessing for him to have the chance to come here and feel the spirit every minute of the day. Also, I can not wait for him to bring the stuff that my parents sent with him. It is going to be an awesome next 2 weeks having him here with me. The only things that are annoying here are the fireworks that go off everyday around the MTC, for no reason. I guess Mexicans love fireworks. Also this stupid plane that flies around and plays the same song everyday, it is so annoying. Man, I am really excited to get out of here and into the mission field. 

This has been one heck of a week. I am getting so excited to leave here and get down to Honduras and start working and spreading the gospel down there. I am so happy for my friend Taylor, as he is already serving in Oregon right now. My friends Devin and Tristan  just left on their missions today and I am happy for them too. I think about all of them often.

Please email me if you have the chance. I love hearing from everyone every week! Talk to you next Wednesday! 

A drawing of our District
Elder Wight (the guy from Australia) drew it, he has talent!
I think you can guess who is me?

Some of the my District that left on Monday. 
Me, doing my laundry on P-day

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