Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 7   First Week in Honduras

Today marks the end of my first week in Honduras! I do not know about you, but it is really hot down here and I cannot stand it! Haha. But, it’s ok. Also, if you think you know Spanish as a gringo, you really don’t. When I got here, for the first couple of days, I could not understand anything! Now, I am catching a little bit of what they are saying. It’s so hard, but I know that through my Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost anything is possible! 

Generally the food is great. But, some of the food is disgusting, I eat it anyway! I have had pollo, papas fritas, mucho arroz y frijoles, mucho carne y tambien uno tiempo and I even had Pizza! That’s right, Hondurans have pizza! 

My first area is San Rafael and it is beautiful! The people here are so kind and loving. Some people choose to ignore us, but most people say ¨Buenas!¨ when we pass by. I am here for 6 months because my compañero trains me for 3 months and then when he leaves I am the area trainer. It’s going to be long and probably for the first month or so, I probably will not understand much Spanish, but I know I can do it!

Guess what!?!? I had my first baptism too! Just this Saturday we baptized part of the Raudales family. They have 34 people in their family! Can you believe that! It is so awesome! I got to baptize one of them. My District Leader was supposed to, but he let me do it. Awesome right! 

My companion is Elder Rodas! He is so awesome! He only speaks Spanish because he is Latino, which helps me learn mucho! Because of this the next couple of months will be hard, but I know he will help me as well as the Lord too! We live in a very big apartment. It’s so huge and we can see a really cool view of San Rafael! Also, one of the elders from my District in the CCM is in my District now. It’s so awesome! Our days here are so long. This past week we have been in our casa until about 1 studying and then we go out proselyting. It is so awesome! I cannot wait for these next 2 years, this is exciting. I have to do my laundry in a pila (a cement wash basin), it sucks. But, I can deal with it. 

Hope you like the pictures below!

Love all you guys! Please write me! It makes my week! 

Elder Jensen 

My companion, Elder Rodas

President and Sister Candido Fortuna Cabrera with all new elders and sisters in the missoin

View from my apartment

Inside my apartment...really nice and big one.

Ruadales Family

My first baptism

A sleeping elder LOL

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