Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 8 It's So Hot!!!

Hey everybody! It is my second week in the mission field and I am alive and well! This week has been really awesome! It continues to be hard learning Spanish however. The hardest part is trying to hear all of what the people are saying because everyone has a different expression! They could talk slow, really fast, or just gurgle the whole conversation! I tend to get about 40% of what people are saying, which is way better than the first few days. My first day here, I did know a thing of what people were saying. It has been hard. But, I know through the help of my companion, the Holy Ghost and prayer it will come.  My favorite scripture is Alma 26:12! It has helped me so much. It talks about that I am weak and nothing, but with the boast of God, I can do anything, even miracles perhaps.

We have 2 bautismo fechas (baptism dates) lined up. One is for this Saturday and one on March 21st. We had a zone meeting this last Thursday and a multi-zone conference as well on Friday. They were awesome! I learned a lot about how to trust in the spirit to help and guide me through a discussion. It was so cool.

The other thing that has been so hard here is the sun. OH MY GOSH! The sun kills me throughout the day. Walking in the heat sucks. I get so sweaty and tired. At the end of the day, I am toast. But, I manage to not think about it and just focus on the investigators and the members. I know I’ve said it before but, the food here is so good. I imagine it will get boring soon because we eat the same thing everyday; rice, beans, pollo or carne, and lots and lots of vegetables. I eat a lot. Some of the food I do not like, but I eat it anyway. When I am starving, I do not even care about how it tastes. I just eat to get full. 
So tired from the day. Spent, from walking in the blazing sun!

My missionary leader, Timoteo

Larger picture of my area
Geckos we get in our casa all the time.
 Sorry I did not take a lot of photos. Next week I will!

That is it for this week! It was hard, sometimes really hard. But, I try not to focus on that. Thanks for all your support guys. Love and miss you all so much. Keep me in your prayers and do not forget to write me!

Elder Jensen

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