Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 10 - 1 Month in Honduras

This week has been so awesome! I have done so much this week! One thing I did this week is show my companion, Elder Rodas, how to make french toast!  It was so good! He usually makes it with just bread. I am like no way man! You have to dip into a batter first! You mix eggs, milk, and cinnamon. He is like what? He was so confused! But, after tasting it he realized that it is way better with it! (mom note: He can cook! This made me so happy. This information also answered a month long question I have asked with no answer. I call my questions MQs…Mom Questions. He usually never answers them, so I look for hidden answers in his post.)

This week was Reunion de Nuevos! I got to see all of them for the first time in 3 weeks! They are all doing so well! I am so happy for them and for their decision to serve the lord! No pictures though! That sucked, I forgot to do take some!

This week I received an answer from Heavenly Father that I had been praying for. In my prayers, I have been asking why am I here in Honduras?  I don’t know why I am so curious about this.  That answer finally came during my estudiar, my personal study time last Tuesday. I was reading in the Bible in Romans chapter 8. It is now my favorite chapter in the Bible now! It talks about the Holy Ghost. When I read this it felt like an answer to my prayer, I am here to feel the Holy Ghost and then testify of it to other people, the people in Honduras. I was so excited when I got this answer! Please read it and when you do think of me and how it can help you!

Spanish continues coming along really smoothly. It is hard at times but, through the Holy Ghost, I can just tell them how I really feel! Oh, we had 15 investigadores asistia the iglesia this week! (translation: 15 investigators at church)

Hope you like the photos this week (mom note: loved the photos, but no explanations or names for each photo, ugh!) ! Keep writing to me and keep me in your prayers always. The photos are of last week and this week!

Elder Jensen

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