Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 9 This is the Life!

This week has been great everyone! We had one baptism this week! I am so happy! I felt the spirit so much this week and I am really progressing in Spanish. I still can’t understand everything they are saying, but I can now make out kind of what is being said. It is so much fun! We had intercambios (missionary splits) this week and it really helped me. I went on an intercambioed (split) with my district leader. He is strict and works really hard. He helped me with my fear of starting conversations with people I don’t know when we go contacting. I was really scared because of getting rejected and stuff. But, now I am much more confident. Elder Calel (district leader) helped me with some tips and we practiced them a lot. It is so much easier now. In one day my companion and I got 7 contacts all because of what I learned on my split with Elder Calel. I am living the life!

I am not going to write as much this week because I have other people I want to have time to write, but I did want to let you all know that I am doing fine and the Spanish is coming along real smooth now. Not fast, but smooth. It is hard, but when I pray for guidance of the spirit, it just comes and I can tell the people of Honduras what I feel!

No photos this week because the computer would not let me download them. But, next week I will send you the ones this week and next week!

Keep writing to me every week! I love it! Love you all!

Elder Jensen

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