Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 12  It Finally Rained!

This week has been crazy. It finally RAINED! Can you believe it? I was so excited! It actually rained 3 times this week and it felt so good because usually it is so hot. When it rained I didn't even care I got wet, I just enjoyed it.

This week I went on intercambios (splits) with my zone leader and that was a great day. We found a new family while we were contacting. It was amazing. The next day after we dropped off the zone leader at his casa, we started  back to San Rafael, but on accident week took the wrong bus and it took us to Tegucigalpa!  I told my companion, Are you serious? But, I guess it was alright, we got to eat at Wendy's for the first time. So that happened.

This week has been really hard. Spanish is going really slow. I felt like I improved last week but now I'm struggling again. So, please put me in your prayers always, I could use the help. I talked to Mission President this week and we are going to meet every once in a while so he can help me through this. I pray everyday for the gift of tongues. But, it does not seem to be coming. So, I keep praying and studying.

I will tell you real quick about one of my investigators. About, one month ago we got a referral from a member. His name is Miguel Matamotos. Pretty cool name, huh. Anyway, we only met with once  because after that he started drinking again. But these past two weeks, he has been coming to church just out of the blue. He told us he wants to change and get baptized. I was like, what? It is a miracle. Now he hasn't drank any alcohol in 18 days! I am so happy for him. We are preparing him for baptism on the 18th of April.

Thanks for your support and letters. They really help me. Keep me your prayers. Love you all.

Elder Jensen

Intercambio with my zone leader.
Wendy's...mmm american food.

Answers to "MQs" and now "DQs" He's writing in Spanglish, he's getting more than he thinks.

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