Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Week 25 Triple C's

Elder Tupou
There is a reason why it my email is called the Triple C´s, and I will explain that further on. But, this week started out great, but ended horrible. The first C stands for Cambios. I had cambios this week. The second C stands for Country. I got changed to Sante Fe, Country. Dude, and its sick. That was the best part and man was it was awesome. I got probably one of the best companions here in the mission. He is is the most chillest, coolest, and most down to earth kind guy you will ever meet. His name is Elder Tupou. He is from Alaska, but his parents are from Tonga. So, he is really fun to be with. So, I have been having a lot of fun working here with him. We are already have 7 fechas lined up for next month in just one week!

Hey so there is this song that is going around. I do not have the song, because you can not have it as a missionary. But, the world does and I hear it on the streets as we walk through and man it was one of my favorite songs. It is called See You Again by Wiz Khalifa. This song is powerful for me, because every time I hear I always think of my family and my friends and all that I will tell you when I see you again. So I encourage you to listen to it and when you do, think of me. 

The third C, well that one sucks. On Saturday I got hit with a common sickness here in Honduras called Chikinguya and well it just sucks. All of your body hurts, you have a rash all over your body, massive headache, and on top of that, 100 degree or higher fever. It sucks, because you can't do anything. So, all you have to do is rest, rest, rest. So, if you could please pray for me, put my name at the temple, or something, because I am mentally dying right now. 

Not much happened this week because of the sickness, so nothing really to report. Love you all, keep praying for me and keeping on writing to me. And remember: 

Sacrificio esta temporal, pero gloria es eterno.


Elder Jensen

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