Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 26  Better and Better

This week, well nothing really happened because I was in cama (bed) from Monday to Sunday with Chikenguya. So, nothing to report, sorry about that. No pictures tambien (as well). But I'm totally bien (good) now. Elder Tupou and I made the best of the week and tried to have fun in the house. We talked and talked, it was fun. But, I am much better today and I am ready to get back to work!

I was able to go to church this week but only to sacramental meeting. Only one investigator showed up, but we thought we were going to get none, from me being sick all week. So, we heard word that if she stays, she will get baptized the 1st of August. So, we are really hoping for that. 

I found that this week that that they might shut down our area, and it is not because of us. The members here are not helping us and for the past 6 months there really has been no baptisms, a couple, but not sufficient enough. So, vamos a ver. Hope everyone is doing well down there. Miss you a lot. Keep praying and keep writing me. 

Love you all.

Elder Jensen

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