Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 28 Descansar y Trabajar

This week was good. The reason why it’s called Descansar y Trabajar (rest and work) is because, since my companion was sick, we would work one day and the rest the other. Es como asi , my companion could not work for 2 days straight, he would not have the strength to walk 2 days in row. So, he would rest one whole day, so that he could work the whole next day. It sucked. I mean we have been sick, him and I, for almost half of this change because of this sickness alone.

But, as I have been back working some this week, I have felt the spirit quite strongly. The spirit is really awesome, because with it you see the hearts of people change. As we teach and testify of the Jesus Christ and help people become the best they can, I feel the spirit so strong. As a representante de Jesus Cristo, you can definitely feel it. 

Sorry there isn’t much to report again, but next week I’m sure there will be much news...since my companion is now better and and we are both back working 100%.

Remember to keep writing and to keep on praying. Those little things you do, go a long way....A LONG WAY! Love you all and do not forget…

Sacrifico esta temporal, pero Gloria es eterno!

Les Quiero, ( I love you all)

Elder Jensen

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