Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 29 Cowabunga

Cowabunga guys! This week was awesome! We got 3 new fechas this week! 2 of them are named Irma and Sharon. We have been waiting and praying and fasting for weeks for them to get baptized. They had accepted and everything, but the problem was that they could not give up drinking coffee. But, they finally decided to quit this week! They are getting baptized next Saturday! We are so excited for them as they are for us. There is nothing more spiritual than someone getting baptized and then receiving the holy ghost! I can’t tell you how good it  feels to be on a mission. When we are diligent and obedient, not only to the rules but the COMMANDMENTS as well, you can feel the spirit so strong. The other fecha is set for the 22nd of August. We are actually teaching him both in Spanish and in English. He understands both. It is so cool. It actually feels nice talking in English, but at the same time a little bit weird. 

Spanish is coming nice and slowly. Something that I have been doing lately is asking people where my Spanish is on a scale from 1 to 10. Most people say 6, 7, 8, and a couple say 10. So, I guess my Spanish is coming along which is awesome. Siembaaaaaa! (mom and dad note: not sure what this means...must be a local saying)

This week is my last week with my companion. He is going home next in HOME HOME! So, we are going to be taking a lot of photos this week. The time has gone by so fast this cambio. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to speak English with him, since I haven’t much in so long. He is so spiritual and he has changed so much during him mission I can tell by talking to him. Something funny here in the mission is that when you have a companion that only has one change left and your his last companion, you call it ¨killing him.¨  Meaning your going to “kill” your last week on a mission. “kill” him with work.  If that makes any sense to you? 

Love you all and I want to say that this gospel is the best thing on earth! I love sharing the gospel, its something that makes me so happy. Love you all and I am doing alright here. Keep writing and keep praying. And always remember:

Sacrificio esta temporal, pero Glora eterno!

Les quiero,

Elder Jensen

Mom note: He hasn't lost his glasses yet!! Looks like a service day.

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