Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 54   Unexpected Miracles

I can tell you that this week was so unproductive. We did not do an ounce of work. We were in the house all week from morning until night. I felt like the worst missionary in the world after finishing last week. I WANT TO WORK!  But, since I am still sick and it hurts when I walk because of the infection in my foot....I was told to stay in the house this week. Not what I wanted, but it was a must in order for me to get better and get over this infection.

I did keep myself occupied while I was in the house. I told you guys last week I have been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish again. Just yesterday I finished 2 Nephi and wow what a chapter. My Book of Mormon is all marked up with references all over. It is not a bad thing, but it makes it really clear that I have been studying intently to find answers. I have found those answers and have been changed...literally. It has helped me more than you can know. I feel like I have grown so much spiritually this week. My testimony of the Book of Mormon grew this week beyond what I thought was possible. An unexpected miracle I would say. This one blessing alone can change my future in helping others to know that this book is TRUE. I am truly blessed I had the time to read it this week.

We had interviews with the president this week and I learned so much from my Presidente, he is an inspired and loving man and I love him. I learned more about fulfilling my goal as a missionary, how to better have the pure love of Christ in my life and how to share it with everyone around me. My situation may be difficult at the moment, but I know as I apply this principle in my life, I can do so much more with it.

Like to end with somewhat of a spiritual thought. Because me and my companion were in most of the week, we listened to a motivational speaker on CD. I got these speeches from my assistant to the Mission President. His dad is a very famous motivational speaker and he is really good. I was able to listen to it yesterday and...WOW! He is amazing. He gets in your head and tells you if you want your life to be a certain way, you gotta do these things. Here are some words that really stuck with me.

“The anchors you have need to be located, found, and either cut or pulled up. So, that your boat can move faster.“

“We are here to help people break from bondage, and help them to heal“.

“If your soul does not choose, your body will. Which can affect your desires, appetites, dreams,etc.“

“When your soul runs the show, you will find joy. When you body runs the show, you find only happiness.“

These are just but of a few quotes that have really made an impact with me. If we can just know where we want to go and be in life, we can accomplish anything. With God all things are possible. I know this gospel to be true. It can change and shape how we live and look at life. I am so thankful I have this knowledge. Even though these physical challenges keep coming, I still love my mission and I am thankful for this opportunity to serve however I can.

Thanks for everything guys. Love you so much. Have a wonderful week and I hope that this week will be a lot better than the last. Hasta Luego!

Les quiero,

Elder Jensen

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