Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 55 Pata Juca

I am so sorry I am writing this so late, actually a day late. Its just that yesterday was so crazy! We had the opportunity to go to Cristo - El Picachu. Picachu is stone carving of Jesus the Christ. It is found on top of a mountain outside of our mission. It's kind of like the one found in Rio just it looks a little different. But, it was a memorable experience. Man it was HOT! I was burning up, I mean we were at the top of a mountain for gosh sake. But, it was a cool experience. After that we went to the Zoo of Honduras. It is not like the one's in the states, but I would say it was pretty cool. I had fun yesterday with my Zone.

This past week I have felt a lot better. For a good half of the week, we were still in the house. But, little by little it got better. I am very happy for that. I finally got a chance to work last Friday. And man God knew I wanted to work. We met a family we had not had a chance to meet with for 2 weeks. It was a gift from Heavenly Father. At first we started talking with the daugther, then the husband came down and started talking with us. Then the wife came over and sat with her husband. And finally at last the son came down and talked with us. What a miracle! Funny, thing is all of them speak a little English. So, it was quite fun speaking to them a little in English. But, the really cool partt is that day the husband and wife were celebrating their 23rd Anniversary of being married. So, we had a chance to talk to all 4 of them about how families can be together forever. They were so interested! Si hombre!!! It was awesome! Hopefully, we can talk to them more this week, and maybe they can come to church with us this week. Please pray that the Family Manzia will come this Sunday! 

Well, I am now in Alma 10 of the Book of Mormon. Man, I am pulling thru it real fast. It is amazing this time around reading it.  The truth and the messages are really sinking in and I see so much how it applies to my life. It is so cool! The Book of |Mormon is true book from God, I know it.

Now, your probably asking why the title of this week is called Pata Juca. It is because I showed my toe to a concerned member to see if she could help me with anything. But, before she could even get close to it, all she could smell was the dirty feet I had. Pata meaning feet and Juca meaning dirty or smelly (slang words in Honduras). So it was born. From then on she will be calling me Elder Pata Juca. I am ok with it, it was my infected toe that smelled so bad not really my feet she was smelling. It was all kind of funny. 

I can tell you this week has gotten better so much. Heavenly Father has made many miracles happen out of what seemed to be like nothing. That is how he works and those are blessings you will receive if you just....wait and have faith. 

Thank you for your letters and emails. I can't explain how excited I am to read them every week. I am glad for this opportunity to serve. Its not what I expected (all the illnesses), but God knows why. I just got to trust him and everything will be alright. Have a wonderful week everyone! Ustedes son los mejores! 

Con mucho CariƱo,

Elder Jensen

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