Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 53 The Infamous Sick Missionary

Well, I think that my mom is going to kill me for having to tell you what happen last week. I had another ingrown toe nail and I got it taken it out last Monday. It sucked,  it really did, but that wasn't the worst of it. On Wednesday, we went to the doctor for a checkup, and found out that I have an infection in my toe. Those few days I can tell you, I have never been so in so much pain and so uncomfortable in my life. (mom note: this says a lot knowing this is his 8 ingrown toenail surgery and he had double hernia surgery and he has had Chikingunya 3x. I can count on my ONE hand the times Alec was sick growing up. He's making up for lost time I guess.) It was not fun. Everyday since Wednesday I have had to get a shot.  And guess where they put the the BUTT! Ouchh! We could not work at all this week. We had to be in the house resting because if I went outside the infection would get worse. This is the on'y thing I hate about Honduras. The sanitation is horrible. NO ONE likes anything clean. I try my best to keep myself clean, but the infection just rolled around from who knows who or why. So, as a missionary, I did not have a good week. 

Everything with me and my companion are great! We have had a lot of fun together these past 3 weeks. And since we were in the house, we had a lot of time talk and study. So, I am really glad I have my companion.

Guess what I found!?!?!?! A 6 pack of Inca Cola! BOO-Yah! I cannot believe I found it here in Honduras. Been enjoying and savoring it these past days. (mom note: Steve and I and the kids were introduced to Inca Cola when we went to Peru last year. The kids loved it. Its much like a cream soda)

To keep myself busy this week, since I was in the house, I have been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. I have been doing this to not only help with my Spanish, but it was a goal of mine to read it in Spanish and in English. Wow, this book is amazing. I love the Book of |Mormon. I am a changed missionary, a better missionary for reading it again and again. If anyone tells me its false, I will know that they are wrong, I know it to be true. The Book of Mormon changes lives, including mine. Please read and reread 2 Nephi Chp. 9. I cannot explain it to you, but just do it. You will be converted. 

I got to see a couple friends from Siguatepeque this week. I did not get a chance to see Wilson, but at least I got to see some of them. It was truly a privilege and blessing to see my old ward.

I would like to end with a spiritual thought. I had the chance to listen to a talk that really changed my perspective as a missionary. It is called After All We Can Do by Brad Wilcox. He says a couple of lines I would like to share with you. 

- “Christ is not waiting at the finish line, rather he is finishing our faith. Grace is not the prize at the end of the climb, yet it is the enabling power he us throughout the climb that he requires.“

- “The repenting sinner must suffer for his sins, but this suffering has a different purpose than punishment or payment, its purpose is change.“

-“The Lord helps us to help ourselves“

I may not be the healthiest missionary, but if I do all the Lord wants me to do during this time, I can change lives and even my own. I am sure of it. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve. Hopefully we will be able to work this week, depending on my health. Love you all. Talk to you next week.


Elder Jensen

P.S. Way to go Broncos!

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