Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 65 Work, Work, and more Work

This week went by so fast. We did so much work. Everyday we came home sweaty and super tired. But, it was all for a great purpose. We have been teaching Marcelina and Maria and we are now working with them to help them better understand the role of how the Atonement works in their lives. It is just incredible. Even I am changing while I am teaching them. It feel so awesome to be a missionary. I am not here to enjoy my time and waste precious hours doing nothing. I am here to bring souls unto Christ. I think one of the coolest part we are doing right now is we are preparing 3 older people to get baptized. They are progressing slowly, but they seem to understand it, and I am so happy for their decision to learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ and to possibly get baptized. 

This past week we experienced a miracle. We started teaching a lady Dilsia this week about The Restoration. And it was very hard for her to focus, because her kids were screaming and yelling in the house and the spirit was hard to recognized because of all the chaos. But, out of the blue, they disappeared out of the house to buy something from the pulperia (?) for a few minutes. And we had the best opportunity to share with her the First Vision. It was just for like a minute or two, and then her kids came running back in, but she told us that she felt peace and joy when she heard the story. Awesoooommee! Those little things, those tender mercies God gives us, when we are obedient and humble are so amazing. She was not able to come to church, but we are going to help her this week so she can!!!

I am so excited to talk to my family this week, especially my moooommmmyyy! I have not seen them in so long! 

Sorry, I do not have photos this week. The computer took so long to download photos that it is better if I just send a bunch next week! Love you all and I will tell you all about what miracle I saw next week! Hasta Luego! 

Les Quiero,

Elder Jensen

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