Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 66 Momma's Boy

Skype's with Mom and Dad in England 2am their time

Skyped with my sisters and grandma and grandpa in the states.
I loved every single minute of this week. Leading up to the day I got to talk to my Mom and Dad the rest of my family was so nerve racking. But, I was able to get through it and I am back to work. I am so grateful I have a family who loves me and the chance I have to live with them for eternity. As the quote says, ¨A missionary leaves there home for 2 years so that others can be with there family forever.¨ I know I am a child of God and I am imperfect and need to improve...but I have 3 people who can help me. My companion, My president, and the Lord. I am so grateful I have the Lord on my side to help me when I am down, to help me when I am in need. I love the Savior, at sometimes I struggle, but I know as I strive to be like him I will find joy and happiness. 

This week was really good. We did a lot of service this week to gain more trust and improve our relationships with the members. It was a lot of fun. As well we worked really hard with our investigators to set dates for baptism with all of them. We have like 12 people who we are working with right now and I am learning a lot from them as they are from us. 

Well, had a lot of fun this week and I cannot wait for this next one. Love you all. Do not have much time to write today, but I can tell you that from now on my mission is about to get to whole new level because I have just a little time left, but a lot more work to be done. Hasta luego!

Elder Jensen

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