Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 69 Peace, Be Still

I have had a pretty fun last week with Elder Hales. He has taught me a lot and I am so excited for him to return home and start his new life. I am grateful for his service here in Honduras, but a new chapter has start in his life. I am so happy for him and I cannot wait to hear back from him next week when he his home in California. This week was great, we were able to get almost 5 people ready for baptism. They should be ready to be baptized in a couple weeks. I am so happy for their decision to be baptized and follow Christ. They are changing my life, more than they are changing theirs it seems.  And maybe that is why I have felt so much peace this week. The spirit has such a calming affect. I felt more than ever this week how the spirit can comfort you if you just let it. It makes me happy. Without it, I would be nothing, especially as a missionary.

Elder Hales is finishing his mission and I am staying in my area. My new companion is Elder Small. He is from Japan, well really Utah. But, he lived in Japan for a while because his Dad works there. So, we are going to hit it up here in Los Laureles and work hard to commit 5 investigators to baptisms this week. I am so excited to pump some bar and work until my knees break this change. (Mom note: I have know idea what this means...must be some kind of missionaries language. I hope that's what it is)

Having some fun here in Laureles. Cannot wait to tell you all the events I have this next week with Elder Small!!! Talk to you next week!

Elder Jensen

Sacrifice is only temporary, but glory is eternal!

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