Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 87  Bigger and Bette

Fotos de los miembros aqui en Laureles que fueron excelente a mi estos ultimos 7 meses.

(Photos here in Laureles of members who were good to me these last 7 months.) 

Well, I just got the info...I am finally leaving my area. It is sad to go and what is even sadder is that they are closing the area. I have no idea why, but I guess it what God wants. I had great hope and expectations for this area, but I hope who ever comes here again, will find all those that are seaking. Hopefully that one day I will be able to return to this area when I finish my mission. The Lord has much in store for them and me, but I just have to move on and keep doing what the Lord asks. As for me, I am moving to and opening a new area called Germania. And the best part is that I am with my old companion Elder Hernandez!!!! Elder Hernanzez is who i served with right when I came back to Honduras after my Hernia surgery. I am so excited and I cannot wait for the miracles and blessings that are in store for us and for the people we are going to find and teach! 

This past conference was so awesome! I mean I had to watch it most in spanish and though I understood it, it is always better to watch and hear it in English. My favorite talk was from General Priesthood, the one Dieter F. Uchtdorf gave on Alma and Amulek. He gave a wonderful talk about what we need to learn from Alma and how we can be like Amulek. What I need to change as a missionary to become better. How the little things in the mission really make all the difference. But, what I loved is the story he told about David and Jacob ( you need to watch to truly understand it), but how praying and fasting truly works. And how we can help our fellow men to come back to the church. I challenge each and everyone of you to go out look for someone who needs help or is facing a trial. You truly will make a difference. 

Love you all, please help our fellow brother and sisters who are lost, be found. We can bring the world His gospel together.  Hasta luego! Voy a contar todos de mis experiencias este próximo semana sobre mi nuevo compañero y mi nuevo área! (Bye! I will tell you all my experiences next week about me and my new campanion and my new area!) 

Les quiero,

Elder Jensen

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